Have you been single for some time? Perhaps that's through choice. On the other hand, have you wondered if you might be doing something which is not enamouring you to the other singles you have been out on dates with? The good news is the vast majority of behavioural aspects which have the potential to cause issues can be readily confronted and ironed out. So if you are single and are keen to embark on a relationship via a dating website, here are 10 snippets of advice you might want to pay attention to.

1. Preparation is everything

If you do find yourself in the position of going out to meet someone for a date, don't just randomly show up and expect the evening to unfold as if you're in a movie. Take time to prepare. Ensure you're well groomed and presented, and do a modicum of background research into potential conversation topics.

2. Always exercise flexibility

Don't go into each date with a rigid plan of action. You are dealing with individuals here, so you should react appropriately. No two potential partners will ever be the same. Treat each date as a new adventure.

3. You need to be trusting

If you are going to make a success in establishing a prospective relationship, you need to learn to be trusting. Even if you've been burned in the past, you can't approach every subsequent date as if it's going to end up the same way. If you can relax and enjoy yourself, you'll have a much higher chance of success

4. Never broach delicate subjects immediately

There might be skeletons in your closets, such as that stint you spent in rehab, the reason you were sacked from a particular job, or fraught experiences with previous dates. These should all be kept to yourself until you get into a position where you feel relaxed with your new partner.

5. Learn to accept disappointments

Not every date is going to proceed swimmingly. Inevitably there will be less than satisfactory outcomes; perhaps some dates who never get in touch again. The important aspect is not to dwell on any of these incidents but always look to the future with optimism.

6. Be big enough to accept blame

If your date does unravel and it's your fault, be prepared to accept that. Never be tempted to try and apportion blame elsewhere. If you can admit any shortcomings then they can quickly be corrected.

7. Set yourself certain standards

Dating can be a relaxed activity, but it can also be serious, leading to long-term commitment. There is, therefore, no point in continually accepting second-best when it comes to the people you set out to meet. It would be useful to set the bar reasonably high from the outset. Have faith in yourself and in your ability to attract worthy partners.

8. Find common ground

Conversationally, you and your date will gel if you can find common ground. Even if this means discussing subjects which you're not too familiar with, if you can at least give the impression of being enthusiastic enough to want to try and join in, your persistence will be rewarded.

9. Laugh and flirt a lot

Dates should be relaxed affairs, not staid encounters. Always look to let your hair down and have a good time.

10. Learn to distinguish friends and potential lovers

Inevitably, you will go on dates where there is little chemistry between you. But never been persuaded by this. You can still remain good friends with people you meet socially without you obsessing about their merits as your love interest all the time. Friends can be just as valuable as lovers.