The stationary recumbent bikes are the most effective indoor exercise bikes that are fit for low-impact and High-Intensity Interval Training. When you sit on these bikes, you can lay back so that the weight is off your upper back. This allows you to concentrate on working on your legs safely and comfortably. That means you can use these bikes even if you suffer back or joint pain or upper or lower back issues. However, if you don't have back pain issues, you can also try ellipticals and easily find the best elliptical under 200. 

It is the recumbent position of your in these bikes that make your workout more effective as compared to other indoor bikes and exercise equipment. The design of these recumbent exercise bikes is one of the most ergonomic and low-impact ones that you will ever find. 

On a recumbent bike, you do not have to lean over as in an upright exercise bike or your indoor cycle; therefore,, the chances of any back pain developing over time are eliminated. You will not experience any hard-hitting action on your leg muscles and knees, which is a common issue when you run over a treadmill.

The straightforward and familiar leg cycling motion will give you a natural cycling feeling, and you will not exert any pressure on your hips, born on an elliptical machine. The back relaxing twist is what makes these bikes so popular and effective. 

The working principle

It has a relatively simple working process, and all the parts of this stationary recumbent bike contribute to its success and popularity.
  • It has a seat and a backrest. You must pedal with your legs in front, not below, as in an upright bike. This is a very ergonomic position that is back-friendly.
  • It comes with magnetic resistance, which is applied to the flywheel, similar to any indoor cycle. 
  • The flywheel gives it the desired momentum to mimic the feeling of cycling an actual bike on an open road. 
  • If you pedal faster or slower, it will affect your lower body muscles, including the calves, the thighs, and the gluteus. 
  • Apart from the effect on all the muscles in your lower body, exercising on a recumbent bike will also have some abdominal impact because you will have to keep your abs tight to maintain the position of your legs. 
  • It comes with well-programmed workouts that will help you to vary the resistance according to your hill scenarios, endurance level and monitored heart rate.

If you are unaware of these bikes until now, an extraordinary fact by itself, you can go through different websites and read the 2020 review guide.

Few other considerations

You will also have to consider a few other things to get the best results. You must wear proper shoes while working out on these bikes. This is important to prevent any injuries to your toes caused due to the fast-moving gears. Also, wear shorts and shirts that fit a little more snugly so that nothing hangs near the bags. Also, read 12 Good reasons to ride an electric bike.