Every home buyer would be keen to purchase a building inspection before buying a new home despite knowing that it is new construction. Does it sound a little weird because building inspection reports primarily expose the defects and damages of the property? No, it is not at all an odd idea to go for building inspection report even for new construction because it is possible that there might be some invisible defects or be some structural and constructional issues that could surface soon after you step into your new home. Whether the property is new or old, highly recommended building and pest inspection from Brisbane to knowing as much as possible about its health gives buyers the opportunity to make a well-informed decision. Instead of lamenting later, it is always better to know the condition of the property in advance because looks can be very deceiving even if it is a new property.
By knowing what you are getting, you can avoid unexpected expenses and avoid extra problems later such as asbestos removal that leave you frustrated. Since the property in question is new, you should arrange for a building inspection report together with a pest inspection report to be very sure that termites never become your unexpected guests. You can mention the type of story you want when you finalise the contract to purchase a building inspection before buying a new home.

New Property Condition Report (PCR)

Although building inspection reports are part of pre-purchase activities, the inspection for new construction is slightly different concerning the time of review. Since you want to inspect a newly constructed property that is ready for possession, the chances are that you have either made full payment or have just retained a small part to be paid after possession. It means that the inspection takes place just before possession and is not a pre-purchase inspection. The report will focus on general defects across the property and even incomplete finishes and other minor defects. This type of building inspection report is better known as the new property condition report.

Know your home condition

The property condition report or PCR acquires lots of importance because it tells you about the status of your new home. It explicitly mentions the physical conditions of the property that covers the furniture and appliances too, if it is a rental property. PCRs are very relevant if you want to be very sure that the property that you have bought has minimal defects that should never be a big issue to get over. In case you find something significant, you can take it up with the developer and pursue it for rectification before you take possession. PCRs are especially helpful when you are moving into a rental property as you can get the defects rectified before jumping in.

A building inspection is different from an appraisal

Although building inspection reports help buyers in negotiations, you must not confuse it with an assessment that allows determining the market value of a municipal inspection that verifies compliance with building rules and codes.

Building inspection report points out the defects and damages of properties that can protect buyers from making a wrong selection.