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Top 3 guidelines for a new age website design

A website is your first point of reference online as a brand! A smart and trendy website design can impress your existing and potential customers. Similarly, a customer will be disappointed if your website is still showcasing an old, outdated design pattern. But simply boasting a swanky and chic website design isn't enough. You also need to make sure that your website is easy to navigate, has all the required information to answer audience queries, provides contact information and doesn't take much time to upload. Additionally, you need to incorporate the changing web designing trends to stay competitive and relevant.

For this, you need to reach out to an ace service provider such as CL Visual and others that will offer a specialized web design solution. While you decide to join hands with an ace agency or web designer, you need to keep the following points handy about the 21st-century web designing trends.

1. Focus on minimalism

The new age online viewers are very impatient and have very less browse time at hand. They want their query responses to appear fast; else they shift to another website. This trait calls for the use of a minimalistic layout. Clean web pages have become the order of the day. No one wants a site cluttered with images and posts, with the relevant information missing.

A minimalistic pattern website design is one that is user-centric. It has limited or less but valuable information. It answers audience query fast with it’s to the point content. Furthermore, a minimalistic website design uses the white space smartly. The position of animations, videos, texts, and plain typography are all done to provide maximum value to the online user.

2. The use of SVG graphics

Scalable Vector Graphics or SVG has gained prominence today. Previously web designers didn't recognize its importance since they had struggled with the pixelated pictures. However, in recent times, websites get resized to chosen zoom levels. Integrating an SVG in web design improves the total impact of web pages. It is because SVG is independent of resolution and also has a lesser file size, it can enhance the website's load performance as well.

3. A personalized experience

Every business owner wants their website to gain maximum awareness. One of the elements that make your site popular with the online users is the element of personalization. You can start by creating personalized content by making use of data that is collected via stored cookies. This process has been in practice for a while.

However, the personalization scope today is expanding with every passing day. It helps to cater to every online visitor demands and requirements. Today, progressive websites focus on providing a personal experience based on the best customer behaviour. Web designers today make smart use of customer-centric data such as browsing patterns, locations as well as the purchasing history. It enables the marketers to customize each online user’s user experience on the website. And this goes a long way in improving conversions.

There are several other aspects of website designing, such as making it mobile ready and increasing the page load time that holds importance today. The objective is to appeal to the online users instantly with both the look and the utility. So to make your website design useful and competitive today, you can keep the three guidelines mentioned above handy and check out the difference.

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