Mobility Devices
It’s that time of year again, moving out of pumpkin latte weather into hot cocoa weather, getting ready to celebrate the holiday season. Unfortunately, along with the merriment, decorations, and presents, comes snowy and icy weather. It’s for everyone to get around in the winter weather. However, it can be nearly impossible, or just outright frightening, for those who use walking aids or wheelchairs.

Clear the Snow

Obviously, you’re going to want to clear your driveway and walkway. Shovelling and clearing snow from a wheelchair may be near impossible Some tips on how to get this done safely, would be to throw salt down to melt the snow and ice, and you can even contact a local snow removal service or ask a neighbour or friend to clear your pathways and sidewalks for you.

Get a Checkup

The batteries in electric wheelchairs react to the cold in much the same way as a car’s battery does. It may cause you a headache by not starting or working well. Be sure, before the cold weather set in, to get your wheelchair or scooter seen by a reputable repair shop that knows what to look for and how to fix or any issues that may become a problem so you can travel through the winter wonderland with peace of mind. Another item to check your list, maybe even while at your repair shop, would be

Investing in snow tires for your wheelchair. They are the type of rubber they are made of provides more traction on ice and snow, giving you more stability on slick surfaces to prevent slipping and sliding.

Pop (on) a Wheelie

Wheelblades are a really nifty add-on too. They were created by Patrick Mayer, an incomplete quadriplegic. They easily attach to any wheelchair, and the surface of the blades helps to distribute the wheelchair’s pressure evenly to prevent the small front wheels from sinking into the snow and prevent a lot of resistance that would otherwise be felt without them.

Replace Unreliable Equipment

If your current walking aid or wheelchair had seen better days and you feel as though you may need to replace them for the upcoming harsh weather conditions, you can find assistance on what type of chair is best at AvaCare Medical. If you live in or around New Jersey, you can stop by their storefront, however, you’re in luck even if you don’t. They offer a seamless online shopping experience. You can find helpful buying guides and get advice on the best prices. You have the opportunity to see how their products work via their details specs, photos and videos.

Have Fun and Stay Safe

However you choose to spend the winter, make sure you stay bundled up and stocked up with all of your essentials (i.e. water, non-perishable food, and a generator if possible. You know so you can keep Netflix rolling through the blackout), and make sure to let family and friends know of your whereabouts in case you do find yourself in need of assistance while out and about or snowed in.