According to, bespoke is a common phrase that means to speak up for something. It is commonly used in the fashion world of men. Thus, bespoke clothing or suit is cut from a draft to meet the customer's needs. It is more or less the customization of your suit. These suits are preferred by some people. On the contrary, there are people who also love buying the ready-made suits. The major difference between the two is that ready-made suits are produced in mass since they are made by machines. If you are a guy who is into uniqueness, then bespoke suits would be your type. However, you will need to identify a tailor who can actually do a good job. You will have to buy the fabric and have it cut to your own measurements. The following tips will help you pick a good tailor;


You might have the material and everything but you must also pay for labour That is why you need to have a formal discussion and discuss his or her charges. The tailor shouldn't be extremely expensive. You are always free to negotiate and come up with a comfortable figure for both of you. You should always discuss the mode of payment and other terms of payment. Do you pay when you are picking it up or do you pay a deposit so that he or she can begin the work? Some tailors prefer that you pay half of the overall cost first. This will be to enable him or her to take care of other extra charges like getting the right buttons and also buying other parts that are needed to make the suit a complete. That is why you need to find a tailor who will give the overall charges and explain to you why you have to pay the deposit.

Level of experience

The other concern is how he or she is experienced when it comes to doing the job. Some people can be good at a particular design and it might not be the design you intend to have. That is why it is always important to let them show you their previous work. You can look through pictures from their catalogues. From the pictures, you should be able to see the intended design and what he or she actually did. Thus, you will be able to tell whether he or she will do any fashion justice to your suit or not. The experience, on the other hand, can give you the assurance that he or she will do what is expected of him or her. Through the experience, he or she might have done the same design of tailored suits.

Reliability and other personal attributes

How reliable is he? In most cases, you might want to go try out your suit and the tailor is either busy or not there. You need to evaluate how committed he is to his work. You need to find a tailor who keeps their word. If he tells you that the suit will be ready by this day, it should be ready by then. It is very annoying to make several trips to the tailor to find out that he hasn't completed the task you allocated him. From such incidences, you can always tell whether he is trustworthy or not.