It can be a real hazard when it comes to keeping up with a massive volume of documents related to businesses. It seems lack of storage space all the time and files are continuously misplaced, and everyone prefers to avoid responsibility for the management of data and its security. Off-site document storage has now become highly popular because of the enormous numbers of benefits it has to offer. Professional document storage service providers are readily available and below we are going to discuss the five significant advantages of hiring the service of one such company.


Some documents need to be indefinitely achieved but don’t mean you have to spend tons on the document retention service. The offsite document storage facility is significantly less expensive than the per square foot space utilised in your office for the storage function. Also, it keeps your workspace free that you can use judiciously for earning or generating more revenues.

Complete peace of mind

You just cannot put up any price tag on the peace of mind. With PCM Canada's Managed IT services in Toronto such as offline document storage facility, you can just relax back and always ensure that your data is accessible, secure and being adequately managed.

File accessibility

It is tough to search for the misplaced files, especially when your clients and colleagues are waiting anxiously for the information. With the offsite document storage facility, you can ensure that your records are readily available as per the need because each of the files comes with unique barcodes that enable them to track down easily within a specific inventory management database. With the help of the online document portal, you can get an overall view of the off-site inventory and ask for the required files anytime. The service is completely secure, and you can even get the files delivered to your preferred location or office whenever needed. You can opt for the Charlotte document storage facility for your office document maintenance service.

Protection and security

Usually, the business records include confidential, proprietary as well as personal information that deserves utmost protection. The website document storage service is entirely different from the in-house self-storage system. The former option provides individuals with safety against fire, theft, natural disasters, and floods. The records are stored on a high-intensity racking system, and state-of-the-art precautions are taken for ensuring complete safety. Fire separation technology along with fire detection technology is used for providing full protection of your information. Moreover, the multi-security system is also included in the internal and external surveillance monitoring. The access control technology records as well as limits all event and entry within the facility.

Retention management

When it comes to destroying and preservation of relevant documentation,

It is essential that you create a proper retention management service for your company because otherwise, your firm will be highly vulnerable to compliance breaches and litigation. All the business records should be assigned with the particular retention time frame and need to be shredded securely when they are no longer required. The offsite document storage removes the guesswork from the retention management system.

There are several other benefits that you can gain with offsite data storage management service and know about them in further details; you can keep reading our blogs.