Yoga has been widely practised as a discipline that involves physical, mental and mindfulness meditation; yoga is considered a health practice.

Yoga class attendees can tell you about the hustles they pass through, like driving every day to yoga classes, squeezing in a crowded category, and missing out on some practices as you enter late; not every person is a great timekeeper. Enough is enough. Why go through all this, and you can still do the same yoga practice back at home, reduce your expense on yoga for some more important thing

Yoga does not choose; children, adults, elderly do it, most people think it's for only women because it's practised mainly by women, but also men are supposed to be practising yoga.

Guide on how to practice yoga at home - Steps to follow

Choose space for your yoga

Whenever you're doing yoga, the environment you are practising is essential to let it be away from any distractions. When choosing an area, consider a tranquil space with enough space inside the house. If you have an entire backyard, it will be the best option.

If it's indoors, fit the mat in the space chosen.

Set time

Has home yoga scheduled every day? Set the alarm to remind you that the time for yoga has reached. What time of the day will your yoga take place? Morning, evening or afternoon. The most appropriate time in the morning as you just wake up to keep the energy high throughout the day or evening when you will exhale out all the stress inhaled throughout the day. It only takes like 20 minutes of your time daily.

Select a video or log online

This will work well for beginners who have not yet mastered most yoga practices. You'll need to be practising while watching or copying either online on a recorded yoga video. But if you have got all the yoga moves, you can freely practise independently without seeking help from the videos.

Hire a yoga instructor — this is for those who prefer to do yoga at home and find it difficult to follow the yoga videos. Arrange with the instructor to be coming to your home every day to practice with you. To hire a private instructor is expensive.

Yoga attire

Pick on the clothes and yoga shoes for practising yoga. Personally, I do practice yoga in my pyjamas. It feels so comfortable to practise yoga with; most of the time when attending yoga classes, there are so many things you look at since it's a unisex public place before you dress up, now you are home and free to wear something comfortable that you can freely practice yoga with

You should be natural, avoid excess makeup or jewels on your body, and let your body loose from most external factors.

Invite friends or family

You may get bored practising yoga alone every day. Involve your family in yoga. It works as a bonding time with your family too. Call your friends to practice with you. It will be more enjoyable applying them instead of doing it all alone.

Way to clean a cork mat

The best way to clean a cork yoga mat is to use cold water on a soft cloth. Gently wipe down the carpet with the damp cloth, and then let it air dry before you roll it up and put it away. Be careful not to damage your carpet by scrubbing it hard with an abrasive sponge.

Benefits of yoga

Yoga provides both mental and physical benefits to our bodies.

Mental benefits

  • Relieves stress
  • Clarity and calmness 
  • Relaxes the mind 
  • Sharpens concentration

Physical benefits

  • Reduces weight 
  • Increases flexibility 
  • Maintains balanced metabolism 
  • Increase muscle strength and tone 
  • Circulatory health etc
Yoga is recommended by doctors. It's a healthy practice. Most patients are advised to do yoga daily to improve their health.

Many people today consider yoga to be an exercise. Most fit people practice yoga to get their bodies in an attractive shape, primarily women. In this modern world, you find people who specialize in yoga training as their lively hood job worldwide since it's practised by the majority of the population.
Challenges for home yoga

The big question is, will you be consistent?

Practising yoga at home is so challenging for most people. First, the home environment does not motivate someone to do yoga practice.

Time management, primarily for parents finding time for practising, will be complex with children around. Children will always demand attention or get things done all the time.

Distractions, in a house where people watch, talk, move around, children play around, you'll have less concentration during yoga.

In inspiration, you are the only one waking up doing yoga at home in the morning. No new moves you acquire, no trainer to inspire you. It will be so uninspired that you'll start missing the practice in a short time. Before you know it, you have already quit yoga.

Constant practice will be a considerable challenge, yoga is supposed to be practised every day at home, and the high chances are missing days of practice.