sewing machine

A sewing machine can be a man's best friend once they have mastered the art of sewing using a sewing machine. However, if you are a beginner, then the experience of stitching using a sewing machine might not be as blissful! There is still a provision for you to learn more.

With time, you will master the art of using a sewing machine, and it might get hard to get your fingers off the computer. But to attain that level, the beginning or the start needs to be well planned. For example, it cannot be like, one beautiful day you wake up and decide to start sewing. So you go to this store and pick up a random sewing machine, come back home and start stitching.

That is not how it works! Different sewing machines are designed to achieve a particular kind of sewing work. So, before you buy or lend a sewing machine, you need to know what type of sewing machine you need and then accordingly choose a particular type. 

Thus, before choosing a sewing machine for yourself, consider a few things. 

Sit with a pen and paper and answer the following questions first:

  • For what type of sewing work do you need the sewing machine?
  • What is your budget? Will you be able to afford a high-end sewing machine? If yes, then go for it. If no, then settle for an affordable sewing machine.
  • What is your level or how much skill you have in sewing?

Having answered these above questions, now you must be having a clear vision of the kind or type of sewing machine that you need. Now depending on that, choose a brand that offers the best variety of sewing machines in this field.

However, if you are a beginner, you might still need to figure out which sewing machine you need! Do not worry. Here, we will help you find the one sewing machine that will suit you and your needs perfectly. So, read on to decode the method of choosing a sewing machine for yourself.

Tips for choosing the best sewing machine for oneself:-

  • Do not rush – this may not sound like a great word of advice, but trust me, it is. Especially for beginners, who are probably too excited to bag their first project, they rush to get their first machine as soon as possible. In this process, you might take home a device that you later find out is not working correctly or does not serve your purpose well. So, instead of rushing, it is recommended to take your time, visit stores, shortlist the products, and finally choose the desired sewing machine. 
  • The weight matters – The weight of the sewing machine you will buy helps you understand the build type of the device. If the machine is massive then it is likely to be made up of metals, if the sewing machine is comparatively lighter then it is expected that some parts of the device are made up of metal parts, and some parts are made up of plastic. And if the machine is lightweight, then it can be quickly concluded that the device is probably entirely made up of plastic. 

This point will be beneficial if you are buying a machine online. Some of the websites provide a different description of the body part material but not about the weight. So next time you are going to purchase a sewing machine online, remember to take the weight into consideration and then choose a metal body or plastic body machine according to your needs. 

A metal-bodied machine if it will be fixed in a spot, and a plastic body sewing machine is preferable if you travel with it.

  • Your budget – Always consider your budget! Do not opt for a machine that you cannot afford. It is not necessary to have a high-end sewing machine to showcase your skills. At the end of the day, if you are skilled enough, you will perform best even with a low-end product.

Also, if you are not skilled enough or have appropriately learned, you might not do complete justice to the machine. So, consider your budget and skills instead of hankering after a high-end sewing machine and choose the product accordingly.

  • Consider the features – This goes without saying that you should be considering the features. You may find features like a stretch stitch quilting features, or any other feature.
  • Suitability is the most critical feature that anyone buying a sewing machine should consider. For different sewing purposes, special features are required. 

For example, for sewing garments, you need a sewing machine that will allow changing the position of the needle. Also, it should preferably have stitch variants like the zig-zag stitch, straight stitch, and stretch stitch. 
For home d├ęcor purposes, the machine should have an automatic buttonhole option, but if you need the machine for hemming, then a device with a free arm is recommended as it makes the hemming job easier. Thus, a sewing machine should be chosen based on the work purpose.

Consider the servicing, manual, and warranty parts – the manual will help you understand the machine better, whereas a warranty will save a few bucks. Also, free servicing helps to maintain the device in better condition. So these points should be considered while buying a machine.

So, these are all the tips that will help you choose a sewing machine for yourself.

  • Important tip - No matter what machine you buy, do not use it roughly; it will last longer and serve its purpose nicely.