The play is an important part of child development. It can boost your child’s self-esteem, make them happier, lower the risk of obesity, and allow them to learn how to socialize, among other things. Physical activity has also been found to help in brain development. Plus, sometimes you just want to keep your house clean or get things done. Encouraging outdoor activities to promote fun, healthy habits and are beneficial to your child’s physical and mental well-being. Here are some fun outdoor activities to do with your kids:

Host the Mini Olympics

A great way to get your children interested in sports and exercise is holding your own mini Olympics. This activity requires kids to do a lot of stuff, including preparing the mini track/field, making medals, making flag badges for each team, coming up with their own Olympic teams, names, & colours, and eventually participating in the game/sport.

Go on a Safari

Opting for a safari for your next trip is a great way to relax, escape from all levels of stress, and bond with the kids. Your kids get a chance to explore, learn, and most importantly, have fun. If you are looking get closer to nature, there are several safari destinations, especially in Africa. Thanks to the Everglades Airboat Tours, you and your kids are bound to have the most adventurous tour of your lives through Florida’s Sawgrass Recreation Park.

Make Mud Pies

Kids love to get messy. What better way to let them do that than playing with some mud. Give your kids some kid-friendly tools to dig out mud, then let them use their imagination to make mud pies. This allows your child to play, learn, and improve their imaginative skills. Playing in the dirt also exposes your child to various bacteria and viruses, which can help strengthen their immune system.

Make a Treasure Map and Find Treasure

Treasure hunts give kids a feel of real adventure. Depending on your child’s age, decide what the treasure is going to be, then set up a treasure hunt for it. If you lack the time to create your own clues, you can use printable treasure hunts from the internet. To make the game more fun, plan a neighbourhood treasure hunt where other kids can be part of. Make the treasure something worthwhile to keep the kids motivated. This activity is helpful in child development as it requires the use of different senses.

Find Shapes in the Clouds

Cloud watching is another great outdoor activity to enjoy with your child. If the sky is calm, try to spot shapes in the clouds. Creating images from a windy sky is a bit difficult, instead, have cloud races where everyone picks a cloud and see whose goes faster. This activity is relaxing, educational, allows your child to use their imagination, and free. You can also do this at night, although this time you stargaze.