CBD oil has lots of therapeutic benefits to the human body because it is the marijuana component that helps to fight diseases and boost your mental state. Even though you may not experience the high feeling when using CBD oil, it can make you feel sleepy, happy and free from physical or mental stress. However, even trusted CBD manufacturers, like CBDistillery and Lazarus Naturals, warn that CBD oil will affect different people in different ways, which is attributed to several factors. Read on to learn the factors that may affect the effectiveness of CBD oil in humans.

Biological sex

Gender plays a crucial role in the ways that CBD products affect humans. Women tend to be affected more by CBD, and this means that they will experience more benefits of CBD. When it comes to women, a lower dose and strength of CBD will produce the desired effects. Men will need a higher dose and power because they have an increased overall girth and higher body mass index. Because of this, women can significantly benefit from using CBD for pain relief during menstruation and managing other conditions.


Genes will affect the way CBD interacts with the body. According to traveldailynews, patients who suffer from anxiety disorders will feel paranoid when they use THC but more relaxed when they consume CBD. This is because anxiety sufferers are extra sensitive and will have a heightened response to the psychoactive effects of THC. Genetic predisposition will also determine your cognitive function when using CBD oil. Some people may have a sharp mind, feel lazy, or even have short-term memory function delays. Some people naturally have more endocannabinoids than others, and they will reap more benefits from CBD.

Physical health

Individuals with no health issues may not experience noticeable benefits when using CBD. However, patients who suffer from debilitating medical conditions will experience dramatic improvements after using CBD oil. This means those who need relief, for example, from pain or inflammation, will experience tremendous improvements after taking CBD oil. This is because CBD oil will help adjust the abnormal biochemistry in patients who suffer from different medical conditions. Physical health may also impact the effects of THC as medicine.


Some people tend to be naturally sensitive to marijuana, which is why CBD oil products will work better for some people and not others. Lifestyle decisions also tend to interfere with the effects of CBD. Stress and diet are some lifestyle factors that can interfere with the effectiveness of CBD. People who consume diets low in fatty acids will be affected more by CBD. CBD is a type of fatty acid and will be rapidly absorbed by the body if it lacks fatty acids. Additionally, individuals with a stressful lifestyle tend to respond better to cannabidiol.

Tolerance levels

You will usually be prescribed the smallest dose possible when you start using CBD. However, as you continue using CBD, your tolerance levels increase, and you become less sensitive to the benefits of CBD. This means you will have to use a more potent dose of CBD to get the desired results. Alternatively, you can help your body to readjust, reset, and recalibrate back to the lower dosage by taking detox breaks. This will prevent the body from building a tolerance too quickly.

CBD oil has lots of health benefits. However, it affects users differently. This is because CBD will work based on the above-mentioned factors and many more. Make sure that you purchase premium quality CBD oil products from renowned brands so that you are guaranteed purity and quality.