Recently, it has become imperative that everyone learns how to type. It is a skill in demand due to the advent of the technological generation. Every kid, teenager or adult is supposed to be able to order. However, with my busy schedule and other things, finding the best time to fix a typing class may take time. Therefore, the need for certain typing resources is essential.

Listed below are Free Online Resources with a different course that will easily teach the learner everything about typing.

10 Fast Fingers

This is a very cool, exciting, and engaging web application. It provides a platform for users to test their typing speed, find how fast they type, and rank them against other users.


This is another resource that allows users to have fun. It is an online speed typing game. It will enable different users to compete against each other by typing different materials to test their speed. It is a great multiplayer typing game on the internet.


Keybr is a tool designed to help users in touch typing. It is designed to improve the typing speed of its users together with their accuracy without them having to look at the keyboard.

Typing Web

This resource will provide you with tutorials that give instant feedback after each typing lesson. It provides users with different difficulties, from beginner to advanced, for free.

Tux Type

This resource is designed to be a tool to help students get better at touch typing by utilizing different innovative and interactive games.

Sense Language

This typing program allows users to createcustom typing activities or musethe Website’s standardized lessons.


This is a tool that teaches users the skill of touch typing fast through the use of tutorials. The program comes in three versions: Standard, Accessible, and Spanish. The standard version still remains the best version.


This particular resource is made up of five typing games with different lessons for the development of student typing skills.

Typing Lessons Online

This free program allows users to involve themselves in touch typing using all their fingers. It provides free and interactive typing lessons and exercises for different levels.

Good Typing

This is a resource that is designed to develop the typing skills of its users. It comprises 27 lessons of varying difficulties intended to teach its students the proper use of the keyboard.

Typing Speed Monitor

This is a resource quite different from others. It comes in the form of a google chrome extension that tracks typing speed and the most frequently used keys.


This is a great resource that tests its users' vocabulary and typing skills.

Type It

This online resource is designed for typing accent marks and other characters frequently used in English and other languages.

Lite Type

This program is a virtual keyboard that allows users to browse and type using up to 53 different languages.

Dance Mat

This game released by BBC was designed to provide students with the resources to improve their touch typing skills. This game comprises a series of lessons split into 4 levels.

These courses are perfect for anyone looking to learn typing, beginners, intermediate or advanced typists. The classes are designed for kids and can even help adults. It is fantastic for speed and accuracy.

Speed Typing Online

This provides fantastic courses comprising 17 lessons that allow professional learning of all letters on the keyboard. Advanced levels help learners string these letters into words.

This course provides 16 lessons that allow you to learn at your own pace. It will enable learners to make use of their own text in practice. Each class utilizes an animated keyboard for guidance.

E-Learning for Kids

This course helps to properly incorporate fun and learning. It features games and rewards to keep learners motivated. It provides typing lessons that are centered around an excellent storyline.


The courses here are designed for adults who need more typing skills. It teaches only the basics. It teaches how to press keys and string words and allows for practice.

Touch Typing Study

It helps to practice speed and accuracy. It provides over 15 lessons that are available in different languages. The courses utilize different keyboard layouts, games, and even speed tests.