When is Diwali?

The exact dates change every year; however, Diwali 2018 falls on weekday 7th November this year.

Facts about Diwali

  1. Diwali is a famous religious festival originating in India. Individuals typically consider Diwali to be a Hindube Hindu festival. However, it's also celebrated by Sikhs and Jains.
  2. Diwali takes place annually and lasts 5 days, marking the beginning of the Hindu New Year. The precise dates change yearly and are determined by the moon's position – however, it always falls between October and November.
  3. The word Diwali (or Deepavali as it's typically called) suggests that "row of lights" in an Ancient language of an Asian nation, known as Sanskrit. Throughout this festival, individuals beautify their homes with lights and oil lamps, known as Diyas.
  4. For several people, Diwali honors the Hindu god of wealth, Lakshmi. The lights above and lamps assist Lakshmi in noticing her manner in peoples' homes, transferring prosperity within the year to come!
  5. It's also a celebration of excellent triumph over evil, and completely different legends supporting this theme are related to Diwali. In northern India, Hindus celebrate the comeback of the deities (gods) Rama and Sita to the town of Ayodhya when defeating the evil king Ravana!
  6. Within the region of the geographical area, individuals worship the god Kali, the destroyer of evil forces, throughout Diwali. In an Asian country (a country bordering north-east India), individuals celebrate Lord Krishna's success over the wicked king Narakaasura.
  7. However, it's not almost lights and legends –– Diwali could be a time to have fun with friends and family! People exchange gifts and sweets, fancy delicious feasts, watch fireworks, and wear new garments. It's a time to wash and beautify your home, too.
  8. Rangoli could be a popular Diwali tradition –– lovely patterns created exploiting colorful powders and flowers. People draw rangoli on the ground by the doorway of their homes to welcome the gods and convey sensible luck!
  9. Today, this fascinating festival is well known by thousands of individuals in countries all around the world. Throughout Diwali, Hindus outside India gather at places of worship known as mandirs to depart offerings to deities, watch fireworks displays, and eat delicious food together!
  10. The town of Leicester, in the UK, holds the biggest Diwali celebrations outside of India. Thousands of people take the streets to fancy, vivacious shows of sunshine, music, and dancing every year!
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