So, you have always had the habit of sitting at work and typing all day long. It is the traditional way of working, and you like it. But after years of working in this way, the doctors say that it is affecting your back, and it is one of the reasons why you have lower back pain. Seems strange, isn’t it? You have not thought of any other alternative than sitting and working, and now you face a challenge of having to stand and work; at least that’s what the doctor suggested. But there is nothing to worry about. There are portable standing desks that provide a similar experience of working in your office. Instead of sitting down, you can now stand and work without having to change your posture.

See, usually what you would have done is sit upright with the computer or laptop in front of your and worked throughout the day. The portable standing desks are designed in such a way so that you just have to stand instead of sitting on your chair without changing the way you work. The laptop will be in front of you, there is a separate space to keep a keyboard and mouse, and the distance of the computer or computer is the same as that of your previous desk. But is it worth getting a portable standing desk just because you have to stand and work? To be honest, most people will think this way, but there are many more benefits that these desks offer than to just stand upright at work and bringing a change in your working posture.

The brain booster

There were mixed reactions from people who used the portable standing desk. Some said that it was a total waste of money because it didn’t bring anything new to the office while many noted that it was a huge relief to finally get the chair off their bum and work freely. There were also reports that the standing desk improved the blood flow of the users and helped to burn calories. Yes, it was not similar to what you would typically burn when you exercise, but it was a welcome change after all.

The striking difference between traditional desks and the portable standing desks from is the ability to focus on your work. A recent study suggests that the users of these desks have claimed that they can now focus more on their work compared to how they fared before. No one even thought that these desks could improve the focus and memory of the users, but that’s how it stands today. Researchers have done extensive examinations on students and asked them to complete assignments both by sitting down in chairs and also using the portable standing desk. The results have been fruitful for the standing desk users. They have been able to complete the given task quicker than the time they spent doing the same job in the chair and table.

Moreover, doctors have long suggested that sitting down and working is never good for your health. People tend to lose their flexibility, and there are high chances that you will gain weight if you sit down and work for long hours. This has worked in favour of the standing desks. If you are more than 40, you will start feeling a bit less flexible after you stand up from the chair. This is quite normal and happens to almost 95% of the employees who are more than 40 years old. Your knees and the lower back are more affected than any other part of the body. This can be dealt with efficiently if you use the portable standing desks.

Tests to prove the deduction

There were further studies done to confirm if the standing desks were at all helpful in improving the cognitive skills of the user. A test was done on a group of users with the help of a portable brain-imaging device. This device helps to track the track brain activation patterns that take place in the frontal brain. The frontal brain is the place where all the executive functions originate from. This test was again conducted on a group of students, and it was found that there were significant improvements in the executive function of the students and working memory that proved that the portable standing was a gem for everyone.

You may have done various exercises that help to boost your brain activities by improving the blood flow to the brain. The exact same thing happens when you use the standing desks. A comparison was made where school-based exercise programs were conducted on a group of students to collect information about how the students fared in those test. They were then told to do the same kind of tests while using the standing desk. The results were similar, and that shows how vital these desks can be for everyone.

The fact that standing desks can improve the cognitive functions of a person is incredible. There are days at work when you have tons of work, and you quickly get distracted by the people around you. These are the times when you need the standing desk more than anything else. It will help you concentrate on the work, and you will finish everything on time.

Let the tradition change

Everyone is trying to work their way to a happier and healthier life. You may visit the gym, have a balanced diet, lead a healthy lifestyle, but even the small changes like using standing desks instead of sitting down in a chair and working can improve your health. In fact, you can start this thing right from your home. Many employees work from home, and the couch can become their favourite place. Well, it is time for some change because you can complete your work quicker if you use a portable standing desk. If you don’t believe, you can always look up what the doctors have to say and then try to buy this fantastic invention.