We have many closures for jackets, handbags, briefcases, dresses, etc. These are manufactured from metal and artificial materials in numerous colors. Our skilled, qualified technical team supervises the quality management of the products 24 hours a day. At the time of the preparation of the product, we can observe the matter and solve it at an equivalent time; every quality control method is checked by qualified professionals testing the resistance of the economic machines for the required sewing to the garment and deed the pointer free movement, we tend to additionally manufacture in keeping with the precise specifications of the customer. Click here to buy zippers!

We have been dedicated to manufacturing various varieties of zippers and creating the processes of tinting, ironing, assembly, and packaging in our factory. The zippers that we've got make them ideal to be used with lightweight clothes. Additionally, the chances of finishes and color mixtures are enormous. They might even deliver the goods in fluorescent colors, clear and with a mess of shades, which makes these closures widely used to manufacture sports and children's consumer goods, luggage, jackets, etc. Therefore, our objective is to use our flexibility and knowledge to supply quality merchandise that replies to the requirements of every consumer at a competitive price.

Our facilities are fashionable and are frequently expanding, attempting to adapt the slightest bit to the sector's most recent innovations and desires. Click here to buy zippers! Initially, all the parts are subjected to a shot test to ensure our customers' quality. Finally, the packing inspection method guarantees a quick and personal execution of every order and our quality system.

Our sliders are classified in keeping with their function:


Also called automatic, they need a spring and pin locking mechanism. The pallet will stay fast notwithstanding in its position, but the device can remain stuck; to unleash it, it'll be necessary to drag the pallet. It's applicable in garments that need the cursor invariably positioned, such as jackets, dresses, skirts, pants, etc.


These sliders don't have any locking mechanism, so they are used in elements that don't need mounted positioning of the cursor. It's employed in luggage, cartridge cases, and cosmetic cases.


They have locking mechanisms for a pin situated within the pallet or freezer and solely block once the position of the pallet is down. It's frequently used in cheap textile-producing pieces.

Auto flat

They have a powerful lock mechanism; they're ready to work the cursor once the pallet is high and low; the average position releases the best strength in chemical treatments. Its most significant use within the market is in garments made with jean fabric.


They can be Non-lock or Automatic. It's the essential quality of functioning in each direction of closure. They're used in purses, laptop computer cases, suitcases, etc.


They can be Non-Lock or Auto-Lock. The palette is conferred in various styles that keep with the garment wherever it'll be applied. It's used in the wear fashion market.