So your child wants a new hoverboard. Or maybe you want one. There's nothing to be ashamed of. After all, kids and adults alike both enjoy these fast toys. But maybe you're new to the world of hoverboards and don't know what to look for when buying one. No worries. We have you covered. Buying a hoverboard is actually very easy if you know what to look for.

Use these tips to get yourself the best hoverboard with affordable price and before you know it you'll be zipping around the neighbourhood, enjoying your new ride.


First, you should decide how fast you want to go. Most new hoverboards today will go anywhere from 10 to 16 MPH. Choose a speed that you are going to feel comfortable with. Do you want something on the lower end of the spectrum or do you feel the need for speed?

Do you need training?

Do you have any experience with hoverboards? If not, you may want to buy a model that features a training mode for novice users. These modes will teach you how to use your new toy and only unlock top speeds when the user is ready. If you have more experience, you won't need a training mode, but for new riders, this is a great feature.

Buy protective gear

Your hoverboard doesn't go as fast as a car, of course, but you can still get hurt if you aren't paying attention. If you take a spill, you don't want to get hurt, so it just makes sense to buy protective gear like a helmet, elbow pads, and knee pads. Safety should always come first. After all, you can't have fun on your hoverboard if you injure yourself.

Choose the right battery for your needs

Hoverboard batteries come in various sizes and capacities. You want a battery that will give you a good range so that you can go further on your vehicle and one that also charges quickly so you don't have to wait long. Those are the two most important battery factors. The top range for most hoverboards today is around 18 miles. So if you want to go far, get a battery that will get you to your destination. If you are just riding around your home or neighbourhood, the battery won't matter as much. It depends on your needs.

What extra features do you need?

These days hoverboards come with almost as many extra features as your car has. You can get features like GPS, headlights, training modes, app control, built-in speakers, and more. Some even have remotes. It's important to know which features you want so that you don't pay for extras that you won't use. For instance, if you aren't going to be riding at night, you won't need headlights. And if you don't plan on listening to music, you won't need any built-in speakers.

Where are you going to ride your hoverboard?

You may not realize it, but you can buy standard hoverboards or off-road hoverboards. So if you plan on taking your vehicle off-road naturally you will want an off-road model that can handle some rougher terrain. If you prefer to sticks to streets and sidewalks, just get a standard model.

What should you pay for a hoverboard?

This depends on your needs. You can buy a decent model for as little as $150 or you can pay as much as $1000 if you want a model that has all of the fancy bells and whistles. In our experience, the best hoverboards fall in the $250 - $350 price range. As long as you get the best hoverboard that fits your needs, you will be just fine.