I don’t know if the popularity of Macklemore’s hit single or brainstorming on how to overcome financial problems had to do something with the rising demand and shifting people’s perception about thrift shops, but some of the things you might find there are severe bangs for your buck.

Whether you’re hunting for some granddaddy’s clothes that will affordably update your wardrobe or you just want to get yourself a (new) book, hitting some of the nearby stores would undoubtedly result in a come-up.

Due to the broad experience, I have with thrift stores (and I wasn’t embarrassed to admit that even before Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) I compiled a list of 7 best things you can search for when in the shop.


Yep, probably the best common thing to look for while on the hunt. Some of the grandma’s clothes that were dusting and thrown away long ago might just be considered as an haute couture if you know how to combine those clothes with what you already have.

Believe me, rarely a hype of shopping in a branded retail store may compare to the joy when you stumble upon a brilliant piece for your wardrobe for just a dollar!


Those of you who are blessed with beautiful children understand a struggle of how to make your kids happy

I won’t even mention the hefty prices of new toys in retail stores. Therefore, a serious piece of advice to the fresh parents would be to consider buying toys for their kids from the thrift shops!

Rarely will you see a worn off toy even there? We all know children’s attention span and how long does it take for them to forget on a toy that was bought only yesterday. Why would you throw tons of money on buying new toys anyway?

Kitchen Appliances

Not talking about sensitive stuff like frying pans or silverware here. You will be better off if you buy those brand new.

However, if you are in need of a toaster for your yard house, why would you buy a new one? Check a nearby store and see what’s there for you.
Books and Movies

Ok, not 100% sure what the law says about re-selling used books and movies and if that’s something to be avoided or not, but I bought a ton of those from the thrift shops.

Being a passionate book reader myself, it makes me truly happy to buy some classic I didn’t have a chance to read before. 


Do you know how many families are forced to relocate due to changes in their careers? Think of all the people in the military having to move their families because they’ve been assigned to another base or another unit.

What do you think they do with their furniture when they are leaving their current house? They are indeed not moving all the tables, chairs and dressers along with them.

Strucking a good furniture deal from a thrift shop can literally save you thousands of dollars. This can mainly come in handy if you’re planning to renovate your attic or someplace where you don’t spend much time. 

Art and Home Decor

Same as when it comes to buying old clothes, buying artisan furniture or vintage home decor can replenish your living space and make it look more stylish.
Recreational Equipment

Buying a new pair of ski shoes for a couple of days on the mountain during a year is entirely unnecessary. Especially when there are thrift shops out there!

Shopping for a bike, golf clubs or some things that you don’t need or use very often may be just what you may consider visiting a thrift shop for.