So, your wallet just got stolen. It’s annoying, but not a big deal if there was very little money in it, right? Well, that depends on whether or not you were carrying your SSN card. If you were, the wallet being stolen moves from annoying to severe.

The repercussions of having your Social Security card stolen could be a lot more severe than you realise. Your bank and credit cards can be quickly cancelled and replaced, but the same is not right for your SSN card.

In this post, we will deal with some of the potential risks of a stolen card .

Your Credit is at Risk

Your SSN is like gold for identity thieves. With these numbers and your full names, they can apply for credit in your name. They can and will rack up as much debt as possible using your SSN. The problem here is that you won’t know anything about it until the accounts go into collection. Also, read How to Build Credit Score

Some criminals will make a few initial payments to establish a good record with the company and gain access to even more credit. Eventually, though, it all ends up the same way. They run up a lot of debt, and the companies that they have dealt with come looking for you.

Proving that you are a victim of identity theft can be a long and tedious process. You have to show that you did not apply for the credit in the first place. In the interim, the company is bound to send debt collectors after you, or ask for legal relief against you.

You could end up having your wages garnished as a result.

You Could Lose an IRS Refund You Are Due

Another trick that identity thieves enjoy pulling off is to apply for your tax refunds. Reclaiming the monies once this has happened is a complicated process and might not be successful. Also, read Tips for Hiring a Professional for Your Tax Problem

Criminals May Use it in the Commission of Crimes

Criminals may use your identity in place of their own when it comes to the commission of crimes. They might also use it as a means of evading arrest. If, for example, they are pulled over by the police, they might give your name and SSN as a means of hiding their true identities.

It Could Be Sold on to Illegal Immigrants

An SSN is essential if you need to apply for a job, Medicare benefits, etc. Another lucrative market for criminals is in selling on your SSN to illegal immigrants. In most cases, the immigrant might use the number purely for applying for work.

If they’re also applying for benefits, though, this could make things difficult for you at a later stage if you want those same benefits.


Having your SSN stolen is a serious business. It’s something that can impact every area of your life and have a negative impact on your future. Safeguard yourself by keeping your card in a safe place. If you do find that it is missing, be sure to report it to all the relevant authorities immediately.