If you are an environmentally responsible person, you know that it is not right to throw an old phone out with the garbage. There are plenty of recycling options available, and some of them are even willing to pay you a reasonable fee to help you recycle your old device. What you may be wondering is what happens to a phone when you recycle it?

What happens depends on the condition of the phone. If it is completely broken the only thing that can be done is to strip it for parts that can go into making other phones or in other manufacturing processes. Phones contain many different kinds of metals, including gold and titanium which can be obtained through recycling old phones.

If your phone is in the relatively good condition, it may not be torn apart for parts. Instead, it will be refurbished, given a few updates and sold on as a second-hand device. The software on it will also be updated, and it will be polished and made to look as good as new. Some websites that accept recycled phones also pass them on to less fortunate people who are not able to afford brand new mobiles.