The house is built after a lot of planning and designing. As human beings, everyone is a part of this beautiful nature so it is vital to opt for a methodology of home construction that will include the requisite verdant touch. Carefully planned Green roofs can be created by the method of landscaping for covering the roof. It is undoubtedly an eco-friendly approach and the best way to plant vegetation. The traditional finish is highlighted by the use of greenery along with the materials used for waterproof weathering.

This method of construction has been applied for building environmentally friendly home surroundings for thousands of years throughout different regions of the Earth. The prime reason behind the popularity of this kind of roof is because the formation of green roofs has multiple benefits for human beings apart from being a healthy choice about the additional environment.

It is known that substantial investment has to be made for building a home and if a person wishes to conserve some critical resources in the process, then green roofing is a sensible option.

Benefits of a Roof System built through landscaping and vegetation planting

  • The increasing popularity of Green roofs has become quite evident in the past few years. The aesthetic pleasure which is derived by observing the unique features of this type of roof has made more people select this kind of roofing system for their house or office space. The visual treat offered by these green roofs is not the only cause of attraction. This form of construction also provides people with the scope to influence the environment positively. 
  • If a person wishes to make his/her house appear unique in the neighbourhood, then a green roof will give that opportunity while also providing the scope of making a positive change in the ecological system of the planet.
  • However, the advantages of a green roof don’t only include environmental and visual aspects; it also involves calculable financial gains. These beneficial features are given below:
  • The impact which is caused by continuous weathering affects the base roof, and this can lead to roof damage due to erosion. But if a green roof is present, it will counterbalance the impact to a considerable degree and will considerably reduce the corrosion. Hence it can be understood that the longevity of the roof is extended and this will visibly reduce the cost of repairing the waterproofing structure of the roof.
  • The interior temperature of the rooms of a house needs to be regulated which means that when it is too hot outside the temperature has to be lowered so that the house is comparatively cooler and vice versa. If a green roof is constructed, then this mechanism will occur naturally. The air will be hot when the temperature outside is quite low, and the air inside will be cold when the outside temperature is boiling. Hence the electrical systems which are installed for thermal insulation won't be required extensively for maintaining the room temperature because the green roof of the house will do it.
  • Absorption of excess warmth is also carried out by a green roof, and in most urban areas the heat is quite intolerable due to the presence of concrete structures. Hence this property of a green roof is exceptionally suitable for the environment of the urban regions.
  • Future problems can be proactively prevented by installing a green roof because the vegetation present on the roof will draw in moisture. This, in turn, will help in water management during storms and will also prevent drainage issues.
  • The worth of the property can be increased substantially by the construction of a green roof because natural hazards like floods, and heavy rains become minimized due to the presence of green vegetation cover on the roof.

Hence, there are multiple benefits of such roofs, and people should at least go through the advantages of considering the investment which is to be done for a green roof.

The materials used for constructing a green roof

It should be understood that a green roof will provide the same kind of protection that a person gets from a normal roofing system. There are many varieties of green roofs, and an individual can choose a particular one for creating the roof of his/her house. For restructuring, the present roof of the house into a green roof one can contact Patriot Roofing & Construction for roofing construction. Some common varieties of green roofs include bio-diverse roofs, intensive roofs, etc.

In almost all the varieties of green roofs, the primary components remain the same. The main elements that go into the construction of a green roof are given below:

  • There is a central layer of fleece which is present for protecting the subsurface structure of the roof 
  • Another layer is used for maintaining a drainage system or a reservoir which can prevent water seepage across the ceiling.
  • An additional layer of fleece for filtering purposes. 
  • A culture medium suitable for plant growth which can be a nutrient-based growing medium or can also be in the form of a crushed aggregate is spread across the roof. 
  • A selection of plants and vegetation will be planted on the roof for maximum visual pleasure and also for the optimum protection of the roof. 
  • A preferable type of hard landscaping is laid for keeping the structure stable.
Hence, constructing a green roof will never compromise the function or strength of a roof in any manner whatsoever.

A brief delineation about the assortment of green roofs used for construction purposes

As discussed earlier that there are a variety of green roofs and a person or homeowner can choose a particular type depending upon his/her taste or the position of the house. It can be said that green roofs can be constructed for almost any type of building plan but in that case, prior consultation should be done with a proper construction company that has been involved with the task of roof construction for a considerable span of time.

If a person has planned to construct a green roof as the ceiling of his /her house then knowing the critical aspects of the different varieties of a green roof is vital. A concise description of the kinds of green roofs is given below:

An intensive variety of green roof

These roofs are structured in a manner so that the roof level is made verdant by planting small types of plants like shrubs. Trees can also be a part of the planting process. The details that are taken into account in this form of construction are meticulously selected. The detailing regarding design can lead to the creation of truly unique and eye-catching roofs. The vegetation can be present spanning larger surfaces which will add to the weight of the whole roof. Detailing obviously will lead to more addition of plants and blooming flowers, but if the overall weight is a cause for concern among homeowners, then it can be assured that these roofs are created in such a manner so that deep support can be provided to the plants and stronger structures are kept for upholding the roof. As the visual artistry is at its height in this type of construction, these roofs tend to require periodic maintenance along with plant care techniques.

Extensive kind of green roof

It is quite different from an intensive green roof as the vegetation is planted keeping the note of easy maintenance in mind. These are undoubtedly visually vibrant but are not so rich in the floral aspect. The aesthetic pleasure is unbound by introducing succulent plants, small and aromatic herbs, etc. For covering the roof area soft grass or smooth moss is used. These plants are known to require less additional care and are quite economical. These roofs are built by designers keeping in mind the less requirement of labour for maintaining the roof and the plants. The choice of plants in this form of roofing is quite important because as these plants have to survive in a particular environment without a lot of additional care, plants that can grow suitably in the climatic conditions of that particular area has to be chosen for building the green roof.

The bio-diverse type of roof

The name of the brown roof also knows this. It is created in the model of the ecosystem that existed in that area at a point in time when the modern onslaught of development had not taken place. It is a common option for houses found in larger cities. The attempt made by this type of roof is to mimic the habitat of plants and animals like birds. Hence it is the artificial creation of a natural habit for the growth of plants and a nesting place for birds.

Depending upon the place and position of the house a suitable green roof can be created which will not only protect the house but will also be an appreciative gesture shown to nature.