No matter which social media platform you are using, be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat, you will come across PDA (Personal Display of Affection) posts. Believe it or not, the social media makes us feel as if were are missing out on so many things: the perfect vacation, fine dining and most of all, a perfect love life. Most of us don’t even admit that we feel a bit envious about the lives of others as we see them posting stuff on social media.

Social media allows people to create this fa├žade of perfect love lives with posts of romantic dinners, surprise gifts, exotic vacations, road trips, and expensive gifts. With so many ways to tell people what a perfect relationship you are having, do you ever ponder upon how social media already has and continues to impact our sense of relationships?

Though it does help a bit in sustaining the relationship, it also leads up others to act as the nosy neighbour People watching you now are invested in your relationship, too. They have their views and stakes in your relationship. We have this urge to post about couple goals no matter what just because other couples doing this. You may not realize it now, but this will take a toll on your relationship. The perfection people see online in the form of relationships and the lives others lead makes them question their own relationships and lives. Social media affects our relationships negatively. According to a millennial research, 45% of the respondents reported social media having quite an impact on their relationship. 1/3 of the respondents said they often exaggerate their posts and statuses on social media regarding their relationships. 68% of them used the social media platforms to check up on their ex-partners. 75% of them were of the view that social media can ruin or have adverse effects on their relationships.

This desire to display a perfect relationship on social media damages your relationships on various levels. The biggest one, creating unrealistic expectations. Journal of Cyberpsychology, Behavior and Social Networking published a study that stated regular Facebook users were more likely to have conflicts regarding social media with their partners or spouses. These conflicts were not only serious but linked with breakups, infidelity, and even divorce.

Speaking of infidelity, technology has become the gateway for emotional cheating. Along with the age and gender, the infidelity rate differs by various other social and demographic factors, too. For example, black men cheat more. About 22% of the ever-married black men said that they had cheated on their spouse compared with 13% of Hispanics and 16% of whites. The rate is highest among black men. 28% of black men reported having slept with someone other than their spouse compared with 16% of Hispanic men and 20% of white men.

According to, the divorce rate among black couples is a whopping 70%. 30% of these couples manage to stay married. Now, there are countless new ways to cheat on your partners and spouses. Due to the secrecy along with the popularity of modern technology, people have resorted to indulging in two-timing via dating apps. People use Facebook and Twitter to connect with their exes and 10% of affairs now begin online.

You will even find various apps and sites that actually help people in cheating on their partners. There are some apps that let you hide things on your phone from your spouse. Technology has facilitated affairs and it has become easier to hide. Online communication is less reserved and has changed the way how we cheat. As there are no constraints, online communication allows people to become intimate quite soon.

But, there is a catch. Just as easy as it is to have an affair, it’s even easier to catch one. For that, you don’t really have to hire a private investigator but only use a spouse monitoring app. One popular example of a spouse monitoring app is Xnspy that allows you to monitor the activities of the target phone. With Xnspy, one can monitor incoming and outgoing text messages, calls, social media activity, and even the location of the target user. If you have a reason to believe that your partner is cheating, then you can install Xnspy on their phone. The app runs in hidden mode and fetches all the information, both the offline and online activity of the phone to you. All you have to do is install on the phone you wish to monitor. You get to have your own online Xnspy account from where you can monitor all the activities remotely. What’s more? You can even record the surrounding noise, listen in on conversations and remotely lock the phone.

Xnspy spouse monitoring app, along with many others, let people keep an eye on their spouse’s activities. If one needs to get some proof regarding their partner cheating, monitoring their digital activities can give you a lot of personal, hidden information. Technology has become quite advanced and continues to do so. Some of the internet affairs are limited to the digital world and some, lead to real-life encounters.

It's time we evaluate how we are using social media and other forms of technology and its impact on our relationships. Otherwise, our relationship could land in serious troubles.