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Everything You Need To Know About Dyslexia In Children

For those who don’t know what dyslexia is, it’s a specific reading disorder where the child is unable to read fluently and accurately. Sometimes children with this disability are even unable to spell or write words correctly.

Now, you might be thinking that is this disease something big to be worried about? Well, honestly it all depends upon the severity of dyslexia in your child. If he is having some severe issues in reading or writing stuff down then yes, you need to be worried about it and you’ll have to opt for therapies offered by institutes like lifespeech.org. But in case the problem isn’t that severe then yes, you can use some techniques and tips to help improve the condition of your child. But before everything make sure that you are spending the right amount of time with your little one, make sure that you are observing his behaviour especially when he is young. The signs and symptoms of dyslexia usually start appearing in the childhood of a person and it’s important for every parent to be careful and observant in this age.

Children with dyslexia can have problems with reading comprehension, writing, spelling and math as well. A lot of people think that dyslexia is some problem related to the vision of the child but this isn’t the case at all. Dyslexia is not a vision problem, in fact, the kids with this disease are equally smart like the other ones, it’s just that they have a hard time in reading words and doing math’s etc.

Is It Something To Be Worried About?

Well, we’d say that no dyslexia is not something to be panicked about because first, it’s a life-long disease and secondly you cannot cure this problem but yes you can take some measures to improve this condition and help your child face the challenges he is facing due to dyslexia.

Also, know that dyslexia affects every children in a different way. Some children might find it hard to read a word accurately or fluently but then there are some who just have a problem in writing the words and solving maths questions etc. Another major symptom of this disease is that your child may find it hard to match the letters to the sounds. 

What Causes Dyslexia?

Now, one of the most common questions parents ask is that why exactly is their child suffering through this disease. Well, there are two possible reasons to it;

Genes and heredity:

Dyslexia is a disease that usually runs in families and if your little one is also a victim dyslexia, then it’s not necessary for you or your husband to have the same issue. It can be that someone in your family that shares the same genes as you do suffered or is suffering from this issue.

Brain activity and anatomy:

Scientists studied the brain of children with dyslexia and those without dyslexia and some of them found out significant differences in the area where the brain functions and connects the words with sounds. Now, there isn’t anything that can be said with 100% assurity but these two reasons might be the justification of why your child is a dyslexia patient.

How Can This Condition Be Improved?

There’s no cure to dyslexia but yes you can help your child through different ways like you can take him to a speech therapist or a reading specialist or some child psychologist etc. These people can use different therapies and techniques to improve the condition of your child but again, this can’t be cured at all.

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