When creating your ultimate gaming PC, you will probably look here and there to save money so you can spend more on the critical components like the graphics card, RAM, and CPU. The computer case is probably one of those items where you might skimp.

You probably think you aren’t giving up much, but you actually are. Here are some critical components of a good gaming computer case that you shouldn’t overlook to save money.

Air Flow

How much air your machine gets is essential. Gaming PCs can heat up fast due to the workload they get. You want to make sure they are adequately ventilated. Top of the line cases has support for the best exhaust fans, which usually require more room and power.

They also provide you with extra space to keep an additional exhaust fan, so your PC gets extra cooling. Regular cases don’t take such factors into consideration so there is a chance your PC may heat up fast with a proper case.

Plenty Space For Any GPU

Gaming cases are generally more prominent and made for gaming components while regular cases are not. Let’s say you want to install the GTX 1080Ti FTW3, which is an amazing graphics card. That card is more significant than your average graphics card and requires more room. With a regular case, you won’t be able to use that particular graphics card, as it is 299 mm more prominent than the average GPU. 

Extra Space For Cables

You will be running numerous cables to and from your PC, so you want a case that can efficiently manage this. This makes your whole setup tidier and makes it easier for you to change cables when needed.


Gaming cases tend to have a unique design that is appealing to the eye. They aren’t like your ordinary black case. You can get gaming cases with a fresh design that light up and provide other nifty features, so they are not boring to look at.

Noise Management

Gaming PCs house many components that can be noisy. You don’t want your PC to sound like a jet about to take off. Gaming cases are built to contain the noise and also ensure the PC doesn’t vibrate too much.

HDD Mounting

A real gamer needs storage space for the numerous games they play. Games are becoming more substantial regarding storage, so you want to make sure you never run out. Gaming cases provide HDD mounting space so you can have more than one HDD at a time. That way, you will not efficiently run out of storage space.

If you were planning on saving some money on your gaming PC by going cheap on the case, you might want to reconsider. The case is essential, and any serious gamer will tell you the same. If you are looking for a gaming case, you can take a look at Micro ATX case review by Gaming Rig.