It is no more mandatory to subscribe to some television channels for viewing programs. It is now possible to watch any TV program without depending on ISPs or other media that broadcast it.

Streaming TV programs is now a breeze thanks to the various apps that have made it possible to view them on mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, etc., with the same ease. Most importantly, you can see the free programs without fearing overstepping the law or tripping on copyright issues.

All this has been possible due to substantial technological advancements that have enabled streaming TV programs via the internet. Although the internet has opened up a new channel for accessing an enormous inventory of digitized content of superior quality, viewers have to depend on ISPs to access the media. 

Effectively, viewers have to consume whatever content the ISP allows for viewing, and this could limit viewing options. It can often leave viewers needing help accessing premium channels by paying high subscription fees. Moreover, ISPs could impose restrictions on streaming for copyright and legal issues that could prevent viewers from accessing all kinds of content.

Liberty for viewers

To break free from all kinds of restrictions imposed by the government, ISPs and program broadcasters for viewing all types of content, including those that face geo-restrictions, viewers worldwide are gravitating towards free TV viewing by using VPN and add-on apps compatible with various streaming services. The add-on apps enable viewers to get access to premium programs, and you can watch AFL live for free. It is undoubtedly the most attractive feature of television on the internet that does away with others dictating what to view.

Circumvent geographical restrictions

Now you do not have to lament about missing out on viewing AFL games that you might have happened earlier either because you were out of the country or for being unable to pay for the subscription. Things have changed so much that you can now view all AFL games live, no matter where you are, without paying for a subscription. Yes, you can watch AFL games without spending any money on them. All you must have is a Smart TV or mobile phone and an add-on app to access the grand sporting event. The best thing is that you can view television shows on mobile devices while you move around. No matter what time it is and where you are, the television program of your choice is within your reach and most importantly, you get it free.

Install Watch AFL, the official app on your mobile phone but be ready to shell out $4.99 every week or $89.99 for a year to enjoy your close association with the games and events. AFL games are also accessible on Channel 7, provided you are viewing them in Australia.

But the best bet is a a VPN that allows unrestricted viewing from any part of the world.