From Wireless doorbells to smart locks and security cameras, smart home devices have taken the security system of a house to a whole new level of upgraded technology and smart gadgets. The only hurdle one might feel while planning to install an intelligent security system and devices at their home is the cost associated with these expensive devices, installation of the system, and monthly service & rental fees. This could be the sole reason for some people to be unable to set up a security system at their home if they are not able to afford the expenses of the big security firms and significant security providers.

Do not get worried if the expenses of setting up a security system for your house trouble your thoughts as there are other cost-effective methods and you can do it yourself that would save the installation and other unnecessary costs too. You don’t have to subscribe to a security service and pay bills as installing and monitoring your security system is pretty simple so let’s have a look at some of the best DIY home security methods.

1. Security Kits for DIY security

The first hurdle that you will need to overcome is looking out for all the necessary tools such as cables, cameras, sensors and other stuff that is required for installing and building your own DIY security system to save your hard-earned money. Well, DIY security kits can save you from the trouble of making a list and looking out for all the devices all over the store and wasting a lot of your time. These DIY security kits usually contain all the necessary stuff that is required to monitor and build up a security system for your house. All you have to do is to look for the best Online Security Guard Course you intend to meet for the security of your home.

2. The Doorbell security

The doorbell security is something you might be interested in putting at your door as you will surely want to know who is approaching your house even when you are not at home. The full camera system for your entry will be costly so the doorbell security system is the alternative approach that could help you with the security of your house. 

You can install wireless doorbells, and once you set up a doorbell security system, you will be able to monitor the door with a built-in camera and answer the doorbell using a two-way voice feature even when you are not at home. You can use your smartphone or smart gadget that would come with the doorbell security to monitor and answer the door.

3. Install motion lighting

Motion lights are actually an excellent way to keep intruders away from your house even when you are not at home. When the light suddenly turns on at the door or at your backyard, it infers the idea that there is someone at home and it will surely give you peace of mind with the security of your house.

Consider installing motion lights at your front door, backyard and garage as it will serve as an extra layer of security for your house. This is a good and feasible option for your DIY security system, and it will not cost you much so do not forget to give it a try.

4. Remote monitoring of security devices

You can always access your DIY security cameras via online portals or smartphone apps do not forget to monitor your security devices every now and then to make sure that everything is in order and functional. The doorbell camera installed with your wireless doorbells and other security cameras mounted at your house can be easily monitored from your smartphone or laptop. 

If you do not have access to the remote monitoring feature, then call the security company or customer support and get access as soon as possible. Moreover, do not hesitate to give them a call if there is an issue with any of the security devices or if you are confused with any of the features.

5. Automated light timers

Automated light timers can help you with turning on and off the lights at set points, and they could prove to be beneficial for the security of your house. If you are planning on going on vacations or if you have the habit of working late at night then automated light timers can help you turn your lights on at the setpoints, saving you from the trouble of turning them on and off manually and it will also save some electricity.