Consider this question: what is an event for?

 You want to communicate an image or message to the maximum possible public. If you wish to attendees to share what they see on social networks, they will do it more easily if they have a quality Wifi. On the other hand, it is also essential in terms of the production and organization of the event: If someone has forgotten to download a presentation, if you have to find something running on the Internet from one or more computers, if you want to show a video and it is on YouTube, or you have to download anything ... Not having internet can cost you a considerable scare, and playing with the Wi-Fi of a hotel or venue can cause problems: sometimes they work, but sometimes they go to pedals, and you'll pull your hair.

And there goes an important question: with the money that costs everything else (rent space, furniture, rental of technical equipment, speakers, transport, catering ...) Are you going to skimp on something that costs so little and is so crucial? See more at conference wifi via TradeShowInternet.Com!
When it comes to broadcasting live or streaming, how can we know if the Internet connection will allow quality output?

Testing it previously:

We have a lot of experience in streaming video and audio, and what we recommend is to receive it days before and try it at the place of the event.

Should companies change their vision of the Wi-Fi network?

We believe that an event company, for the most part, do not know that with the arrival of 4G and new technologies, they can spend much less than before in giving a quality Wifi. That's why many continue to spend thousands of euros on something that could pay a tenth. This way you will be sure that the coverage is good, and it is sent with speed. You also have to measure it well, make sure that the streaming network is only used by one computer, and is not mixed with that of all the others.
They should also know that everyone wants Wifi. Before you came to a hotel and asked for a glass of water. Now the first thing you ask is the Wifi password. And it does not depend on whether you are a foreigner an executive or a university student. We are a distributor of added value in wireless solutions and efficient bandwidth management, dedicated to offering its customers a secure, scalable, efficient and controlled network solution at all times. For more information, visit conference wifi via TradeShowInternet.Com. We ascertain you will love the services here!

What trends do you see about the use of WIFI in events?

Every time it is more essential: to show your products, for the comfort of your assistants, to surprise with innovative elements that need connection, to charge with POS, to solve unforeseen!