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Ways to Do an Effective Comparison of Medicine Prices Online

The best way of saving some money on prescription drugs is by comparing the prices of the medicines prescribed, from one online pharmacy to another. No matter you are uninsured or you do not have any prescription drug coverage, it really makes sense to compare prices of the required drug across online pharmacies to avail the best prices. You must not only find out the price differences between different online pharmacies for the same prescribed drug, but you need to also, follow the steps discussed below.

Find Out If a Generic Version of the Medicine Is Available

Remember generic drugs could help you in saving a lot of money. A generic drug is supposed to be bio-identical to a particular brand name drug. We know that it would be helping you in a similar manner as a more costly branded drug, but you could get it at a fraction of the branded medicine’s cost. Always make it a point to ask your doctor or the health care provider if a generic version of the prescribed drug is available. Since sometimes, the inactive constituents of a medication could be different so your doctor may consider monitoring your condition once you switch to the generic drug to make sure that it is affecting you in the same way as the branded drug.

Find Out How Prescribed Drug Is Actually Listed in Payer's Formulary

You need to become conversant with the insurance company or even the payer’s drug formulary. In this context, you must know that a formulary is actually a list of certain drugs and also, their co-pays. You could be saving some money by determining which other drugs belonging to the same class are placed on the lower tiers, implying they are relatively less costly. The reasons why different drugs are priced differently depending on various factors such as if the generic drug or over-the-counter version is available and also if the insurer has actually negotiated a much lower price with the drug manufacturer. You could consult your physician to find out which drug would be working the best for you but at the lowest price.

Know the Legal & Safety Issues

Rogue foreign pharmacies online often advertise incredible prices, but you must not trust them at face value. You need to buy medicines of good quality and correct strength. You could purchase prescription drugs legally and safely by checking the VIPPS-Accredited Pharmacies List that is provided by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. These certified online pharmacies are known to function ethically and legally, and they would give top priority to your safety and privacy. Some of these approved pharmacies provide useful price comparison tools so that you could examine the prices of other pharmacies online. There could be health risks and even legal issues if you buy medicines from rogue foreign pharmacies online. It is best to buy from reputed and reliable sites such as

Examine Websites Offering Drug Price Comparison

Once you have made your choice of drugs whether lowered-tiered, branded or generics, you may browse the websites that offer drug price comparisons. For instance, Pharmacy Checker would be comparing prices of overseas, online, and even local pharmacies. Another example is Good Rx, a site that examines prices across 60,000 pharmacies in the United States. They are having a free app for Android and iPhone.


Follow the above suggestions while comparing the prices of medicines across various online pharmacies. However, do not forget to include the relevant shipping costs. While the price of the drug may be lower on one particular website, maybe the shipping charges could be making the drug far more expensive as compared to others.

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