Maintaining a clean and hygienic commercial space is crucial for the aesthetic look and the health of your employees and everyone who visits your premises. A clean, well-maintained office protects people from bacteria and illness and offers a safe environment. It will safeguard the property's investment value or get a construction bond. This is the main reason why many business owners will hire a janitorial team to clean their commercial complexes and office buildings. However, when employing a commercial cleaning company, you should know what to expect from these services and how their industry standards are defined. Read on to see what you should expect from your janitorial service.


Punctuality and attendance records are essential qualities that you should look for in your cleaning professionals. This is important because most commercial cleaning services are usually scheduled during the weekends between business hours and after-work hours. This often gives the cleaning teams limited time to do their work and do it right. You expect that cleaning crews will come to your premises on time and complete their work within the scheduled timeline so that they do not interfere with your office work. When the janitorial teams are late, it can be injurious to the reputation of the commercial property if the cleaning duties are not completed on time before the office or business reopens to the public.


When hiring a cleaning company, you expect them to be credible. A good janitorial company should be fully licensed by the relevant authorities and be bonded and insured. This guarantees they can be trusted and that their janitorial services exude confidence. Also, they should have an established customer base that vouches for their services. A good company will also conduct thorough background checks to scrutinize their commercial cleaners before hiring them. If all the above expectations are met, then you can entrust the cleaning company with the responsibility of cleaning and maintaining your retail space.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty and integrity are crucial qualities that you should expect from your janitorial team. However, these two qualities are quite challenging to assess, particularly for a new hire. This is attributed to the fact that most janitors will usually work after office hours and will be unsupervised, leaving them to make most of the decisions. No business owner wants their janitorial crew to waste time while working, slack on the cleaning tasks, skip some of the mandatory duties, steal office property, or extend their lunch breaks. You can quickly determine the dedication of a cleaning company to integrity and honesty by interviewing their staff and reviewing countless customer reviews.

Trained and experienced cleaners

When hiring a janitorial team, you want them to know what they are really doing. As a result, you expect them to be formally trained and have adequate experience in the field. They should have cleaned several commercial spaces and know what is expected of them when they get to your business premises. The cleaners should also identify the different types of cleaning products and how they should be used. They should also be familiar with all fire and safety codes and behave professionally and candidly in the presence of your clients and employees. They should also be equipped with proper resources, tools, and equipment to ensure that they accurately perform all the cleaning tasks, projects, and duties.

Health and Safety Compliance

Commercial janitorial services use a wide range of chemicals and supplies to carry out their job. Therefore, service providers must maintain relevant health and safety standards. This is important because it will ensure that neither the clients nor the employees are put at risk because of the improper use of cleaning chemicals, wrong use of equipment, or sloppy work practices. Janitorial employees must receive the relevant health and safety training, and the cleaning company must ensure that all its business operations are compliant with all the set health and safety standards.

A Proactive Communication plan

The cleaning company should have a thorough communication system in place to record the expectations of the consumer before they start working. By establishing clear lines of communication, professional cleaners will ensure that they are always open to questions and inquiries and will be ready to accommodate the expectations of their customers. When janitorial companies are proactive and responsive, they can quickly deal with emergency situations because any contingencies will be pre-planned beforehand. Both parties will constantly have updated contact information to deal with unexpected situations effectively and without delays. As a business owner, you should expect honest and transparent communication from your janitorial service provider.


The janitorial team should show professionalism when dealing with all types of commercial spaces and clients. A good company will understand that every business is different and has unique janitorial needs. Therefore, they will provide customized services and not force their clients to accept a one-size-fits-all service. They will ensure that their services fit different clients' specific requirements and demands. Furthermore, their crew will always act maturely and professionally, particularly when required to work during office hours when they can bump into incoming customers and office workers.

Consistent services

An excellent janitorial team should be able to consistently deliver premium quality services to their clients without compromising any aspects of their cleaning. Reliability is guaranteed if the cleaners are confident that they will achieve the desired results every time. The credibility and reputation of the business will be affected by the cleaning company needing to be more specific about the quality of its services. Commercial cleaning services are a significant facet of any business, and your janitorial team should deliver quality services at all times. 

Commercial janitorial companies play a crucial role in maintaining the appearance of any business and boosting its aesthetic appeal. Professional cleaners like Clean Slate will meet all your expectations and will save you time to ensure that you focus on your core competencies. You can check out the reviews on their website and see for yourself why clients rave about them. With the ever-changing and increasing business responsibilities on your shoulders, having a reliable janitorial team is absolutely necessary. A responsible and dedicated cleaning company will always provide premium quality services and complete their tasks promptly to meet the expectations of every business that they work for.