Cleaning Items
Today, the market is flooded with all kinds of cleaning products which adverts tell us will work wonders in our homes. But which of these so-called essentials are really the key to a cleaner, more hygienic home? Here, we look at the necessary cleaning items that every householder should invest in so you can have a cleaning kit for all eventualities.

An All-Purpose Cleaning Spray

The name says it all! An all-purpose cleaning spray will keep your surfaces sparkling in every room without too much effort. From your stovetop to bathroom faucets, a handy spray cleaner will do the job. Although there are versions available that you can dilute in a bowl or bucket, it’s much simpler to use the ready-prepared spray.

A Glass Cleaner

If you want your windows and mirrors to stay sparkling so you can admire the world outside and your own reflection, a good quality glass cleaner is the key. You can make your own by mixing white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and water and putting it into a spray bottle for convenience.

Microfiber Cloths

Much more convenient and effective than standard dusters, microfiber cloths pick up dirt and grime efficiently. You can use them dry or damp to suit your needs, and you can just wash them in your washing machine, ready for another use later.


Keeping your sinks and toilet clean and hygienic is essential, and using a disinfectant around your bathroom and kitchen is necessary to kill unwanted bacteria that could make you and your family ill. Add a pleasantly scented disinfectant to your cleaning kit, and stay safe.

Limescale Remover

If you live in a complex water area, you’re probably sick of having to scrub limescale away from your fixtures and fittings. Today’s high-quality limescale removers are helpful and can be sprayed easily and quickly on faucets and shower screens to get rid of grime instantly. You could also make your own using a half lemon.

Washing-Up Detergent

Although you need detergent for washing your dishes, there are many other uses for this standard household product. It removes grease from your pots and pans and can also work wonders in your bathroom. Use a rough sponge and washing-up detergent to remove grime and dirt on shower tiles and your sink, then wash away.


Bleach is absolutely essential for every home cleaning kit. It is highly abrasive and isn’t suitable for use on every surface or everyday use. However, it’s perfect for putting down your toilet to get rid of stains around the bowl and cleaning the grout between your bathroom tiles.

A Steam Mop

One really multifunctional item to have in your home is a steam mop. Perfect for cleaning hard floors of all types, from tiles and vinyl to laminate and hardwoods, a steam mop gets surfaces completely sparkling and eradicates bacteria for a cleaner home. When you have a steam mop, you won’t need to worry about bacteria building up on your floor surfaces, and there will be no harmful chemicals on your feelings. Steam mops use only heat and water to remove grime and dirt, so they’re safe for pets and children. Go to steam clean. Reviews to learn more about choosing the best steam mop for use in your home.

A Shower Spray

More of a preventative than a cure, a shower spray is a must-have in any shower stall. If you hate scrubbing away dirt that has had time to build up over days of use, a shower spray can eliminate the problem. If everyone sprays the shower stall immediately after they wash, you’ll find that your shower walls will just wipe clean the next time you need to deep clean your bathroom – perfect!

These are the absolute must-haves that any homeowner should invest in. Make sure you have all these essentials in your home cleaning kit, and your home will stay pristine, sparkling, and beautiful every day of the week!