Nice Leather Sofa

Elegant and soft leather furniture is a sign of good taste and a symbol of coziness and comfort. It fits in any interior, adding a touch of nobility to your home. Also, such furniture has undeniable advantages because leather is convenient, natural, and durable.

But to take advantage of all the pros of leather furniture and stay happy with your choice, you need to know how to choose it. So let's see what to consider when buying a leather sofa.

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Type and design

Furniture stores offer hundreds of leather sofas for sale, but you should figure out the size of your future couch to find the right one. A corner model will fit perfectly if you have a spacious living room. It provides enough space for a small company, and turning it into a bed is straightforward.

On the other hand, if the room is small, instead of a big, L-shaped model, it's better to choose a small stationary double sofa.

Folding models (such as a futon or fold-out) work correctly as extra sleeping space – they form a comfortable and full bed.

But remember that leather furniture is, above all, a decoration. So using your beautiful (and pretty expensive) sofa as a bed all the time isn't the best idea. A timeless vintage Chesterfield sofa can be a great option too. Chesterfield Sofa Company and other online furniture shops have various styles for this classic piece.


Leather determines the lifespan of the furniture. Ask the seller about the quality of the material: it should be well-processed with unique solutions. Touch the padding with your hand: if it's soft and springy, the quality of the content is most likely good. Then, you need to check if the sofa is painted well. If you can see the texture of leather, then everything's fine. Also, regarding high-quality furniture, the seams should be double and even.

To serve you as long as possible, the sofa must be regularly treated with special liquids that keep the leather elastic. Apart from that, it's best to use only warm soapy water when cleaning it.


The highest quality and elite filling for sofas is latex. Such models are distinguished by excellent ergonomics, convenience, and long service life. Of course, the price of sofas with latex filling is slightly higher than that of other models.

You'll find sofas filled with it on any living room furniture sale ( The most common fillings are polyurethane and multilayer composite filling – a mixture of polyurethane foam and synthesized. Armrests are usually filled with natural goose feathers and fluff. These materials are pretty comfortable and elastic and have a long service life.

And last but not least, the cheapest filling is foam. But despite the lower price, the foam isn't as elastic as other materials. Furniture filled with foam quickly loses its shape. The service life of sofas with foam filling is at most five years.


Here, the choice is quite extensive: particle board is used in the cheapest models; more expensive ones are made of natural wood of different price categories (from pine to beech and oak). A reliable alternative to wood materials is a metal frame with excellent maintainability, but it's rarely used in traditional leather sofas.


The shade of a sofa should complement the interior design. Leather sofas of neutral black, beige, or brown colors are perfect for any type of interior. These three classic shades are a no-lose option for any style and look cute with other furniture. They never go out of fashion, and they never will.

The most elegant is the white color, but it has one small minus – the good white leather gets dirty incredibly fast and needs a lot of care. When choosing a white sofa, it's better to take a model with detachable pillows so that cleaning doesn't take too long.