Let’s admit the fact that we only think about our dentist or paying a visit to him when we suffer through dental issues and toothaches etc. Now, this is some big time ignorance from us about our own health. People think that eating clean and exercising daily is the key to a healthy life but they don’t realize that there are other factors too that add a lot to a healthy living person. 

Most importantly when it comes to your dental hygiene, you should be very careful because sometimes your oral health says a lot about what’s going on inside your body. We are pretty sure that most of the people out there don’t visit their dentists just because of the expenses and service fees because we know dentistry is an expensive industry. But what if we tell you that if you make some proper research and look for some good dental service providers, then you can actually land on places like dePacific dental services who are world famous for the best and the most affordable dentistry. Yes, you read it right, and it all falls back to how much research are you ready to make. 

Now that we have sorted out the “money” issue for you, let’s talk about the topic of today, and that is cavities. You see, food is amazing, and it’s essential for living too, but then sometimes food becomes a pain when you get cavities which then lead to several other problems. 

Cavities are basically the damaged areas in your enamel, and the damage is a result of the plaque that stays there on your teeth for weeks. You see even if you brush regularly, there are still chances that some of the plaque (sticky substance) will be left stuck on your teeth and this then leads to cavities. A lot of people don’t even know that they have cavities which is why today we are here with some of the most common symptoms that indicate that you need to visit your dentist right away. 

1-You have a toothache, and you don’t even know why

Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of a toothache. You can have a toothache due to two reasons, first, you might have a sinus issue and the second reason is cavities. Most importantly, if you ever suffer through a toothache without any reason or change in your body, then it definitely is tooth decay, and you need to rush to your dentist before things get worse for you.

2-Sensitivity to hot and cold food

This is another common symptom of cavities that your teeth become sensitive to anything that is hot, cold, sticky or sweet. What happens is that when a cavity makes its way to the dentin of your teeth, the hollow canals that are also known as microscopic tubules, they allow all the hot, cold and sweet stuff stimulate cells and nerves inside your teeth and that’s when the problem begins. Sensitivity to hot and cold items is something to be worried about but what should worry you more is the situation in which it starts hurting too because sensitivity and pain together can give you a really tough time.

3-You have stains on your teeth

Again a very common issue is that when stains start appearing on our teeth without any possible reason. Discolored spots on your teeth with a different hue can actually be a big sign of tooth decay. Cavities basically come in the form of white marks on your teeth but when you eat certain foods, those white marks pick up the color from the food, and they turn black, yellow and sometimes brown. 

These are some of the signs that can lead to cavities and if you ever think that you have any of the above mentioned problems then go visit your Dentist In Grand Blanc and get your teeth cleaned because honestly, dental hygiene isn’t something you can take lightly.