Food clothing and shelter are said to be the basic needs of a man; coming to shelter humanity today lives in houses made up of bricks and concrete. The most important and basic part of a house is the roof. The roofs of houses may differ in type, shape, size as per the owner’s choice or as per the natural factors in the surrounding area. Roofs are always considered a vital part of a house as it provides the main shelter, and if not built or maintained properly it can even prove to be fatal in the worst cases. Since the decades as time changed, there were certain changes and innovations in the roofing systems; however, the basic roofing systems are always followed.

The following are some of the latest trends /innovations in the roofing industry

Security friendly roofing

These days with the increase in technology there is also an increase in the crime level. People are becoming more safety concerned day by day due to which people are opting for safety friendly roofing systems. One of the most trendings is the drone induced roofing technique. Usually to fix roofing problems a person has to climb the rooftop and analyze as to what is the problem which was quite challenging. But now there is no need for manual efforts the drone is a camera that is induced for the desired time and it shows detailed images of the roof from every angle which makes it very easy to analyze the problem areas and fix them later. Drone technology not only gives you the details of your roof but also detailed images of your surroundings. However, this technology is comparatively costly and everyone cannot effort it.

There are also other safety friendly roofing systems such as GPS induced roofs, roofs with emergency alarms (usually in commercial and industrial areas), roofs with airbags (in this case when a roof is about to fall it opens up an airbag attached to it similar to the way how car airbags open up during accidents).

Eco-friendly roofing

People are becoming more environmentally friendly today as they are all well aware of the hazards of nature. Also, it is becoming a market trend to follow environment-friendly products. Roofs these days are overlapped with solar panels which turn the sun rays into electricity. This becomes a common practice in households and even commercial areas. It's not new if you pass by a supermarket and you see its roof lapped with solar panels.

Innovative and up grated roofing materials

With the increasing competition, roofing manufacturers have come up with various creative and innovative changes in roofing materials. Today you have colour options for the majority of materials. E.g., Earlier the roofing tiles would just come in particular basic shape and sizes, but today you can design it as per your choice as computerized designs and graphics are also used to make them. There is a lot of variety available and coming to the upgraded technology you can today but anti-algae roof tiles of roof tiles with colour and leak-proof guarantee.

Roofing business

As people are moving toward innovative, high proof and technology proven products, there is a noticeable rise in the best roofing company. From normal retail and wholesale shops, like any other business, the roofing business has entered the online market. Gone are the days when you had to wait for days and weeks to make roof materials or to get your roof fixed. No matter which roofing material you need it's just a click away. Leading sites like make it really easy to get roofing materials delivered to your doorsteps.

With the rise in the competition, there are several marketing and business development trends followed by the manufactures in the roofing industry.

Making out of box roofing products

In order to attract the customer's time and again the manufacturers come up with innovative changes in the products to give it a modern look such as the rooftops, the roof tiles, etc. Also, they try to make products that are environmentally friendly and provide more value to money. Making less complicated products is also their priority. Manufacturers these days are also concentrating on products that required fewer manual efforts.

Influencing social media

Just like every other business even the roofing industry has entered the social media platform in order to stay connected with the customers. Roofing companies try to build repo of their company by guiding people in general roofing maintenance thus giving a personal touch to their business and attracting new customers. These social media tactics are used as today's social media platform is very powerful and plays a vital role in the marketing of a company. The genuine review gained on business pages attracts more and more new customers. Other social media tools like paid social media advertising, DIY videos for customer guidance, etc. are used by many companies.

Using the tie-up strategy

This is one of the most effective and most followed strategies of roofing companies. The roofing companies tie-up with the companies complimenting the roofing business such as the contractors, renovation companies, interior designers, etc. Once they tie-up with them, any customer needs roofing assistance the concerned roofing company is contacted for roofing assistance, and the customer of the third party becomes the customer of the roofing company too. These tactics are by almost everyone in the roofing industry.

Special discounts, contests and adding a personal touch

With so many competitors in the market, it becomes very necessary to add a personal touch to your business, and the leading roofing companies do the same. Many times, they offer special discounts and gift vouchers to their premium or long-term customers in order to maintain customer relationships. Also, they organize a few online contests and contest to encourage customer involvement and reward the winners later and mention the same on their website. By this way, both the targets of marketing and building healthy customer relationships are met at the same time.

Roofing Repair and maintenance

Even though the installation and repair work are managed by the roofing companies at individual level one on can maintain and repair the general roofing problems. It is always not necessary to get professional help in minor repair areas. Also, the property owners must follow the maintenance guidelines in order to avoid roof leakage and other problems. Through the following procedure, you can repair minor roof problems on your own.

Analyzing the problem area

The basic and the first step to mending your roof on your own is to analyze the problem area of your roof. Think of smart ways to reach the problem area. Make a detailed study of the problem area and make a list of materials and repairing tools you may need to fix it up. Be sure to have enough repair material with you like a shortage in repair material will either make the problem reoccur or may even turn the minor problem into a major problem.

Fixing the problem

Once you analyze the problem area just works on it, get it fixed with the help of repair tools and products. E.g., if there is a leakage from the chimney and there is a roof tile broken, then you need to fix the leakage with the white cement and replace the broken roof tile with a new roof tile.

Take necessary after repair steps

If you think that once you have fixed the roof your work is done, then you are wrong! It is very important to take after repair steps one you have repaired the roof for example in case of filling white cement and holes you must make sure that the cement does not come in contact with water or it does not become damp.

When to ask for professional help?

The minor leakages and wholes can be fixed at an individual level. But at times even minor problems may need professional assistance if you fail to fix them up on your own. Also, in many cases, the problems are quite major and need professional tools and help to repair them completely. In this case, you have to get professional roofing solutions in order to avoid future problems.

The role of effective maintenance

Maintenance of the roof is equally important. It is true that you can get the roof easily repaired but as it is said prevention is better than cure; it is necessary to take preventive steps towards roof maintenance. Depending on the type of roof the required steps are to be taken for the maintenance. Apart from that rooftop especially in commercial areas and old buildings are to be examined regularly in order to avoid major accidents. Also, before and during the rainy season roofs require maximum attention as the chance of leakage are much high during this time.

Modern roofing systems have made tremendous improvements in roofing products, materials, and designs. The roofing market is still coming up with new and highly advanced products to meet up customer needs.