When a child in the United States reaches the age of 12, he or she becomes eligible to apply for a social security number. A social security number is a unique number used by the federal government to identify the citizens of the United States. In case you want your child to avail related tax breaks like the child tax credit and the dependent exemption to be claimed on your income taxes, your child must have a social security number.

Social Security Card

Social security card is a card that is given to all the citizens and permanent residents of the United States. The card comes with a nine-digit number on it called the social security number. It also has the name of the cardholder on it. To apply for the social security card, you will have to fill an ss-5 form, or you can also use the application filing service to apply for the card.

Social Security Taxes:

You will have to obtain your social security number and start paying your social security taxes once you start to work in the United States. Your employers will withhold your social security taxes and credit them to the IRS. You are responsible for crediting your social security taxes to the IRS if you are self-employed.

The main benefit you can attain through paying your social security taxes is when you reach the age 62 you can begin receiving your social security retirement benefits. In case of any disability during your tenure, you will be eligible for the social security disability benefits.

While getting hired:

You will have to provide your social security number to your employer. The employer will report your income to the IRS. He will also use your social security number for state income tax reporting.

When opening an account in the United States:

You will need a social security number to open a report in the United States. The first thing your banking official will ask you is for your social security number. With this social security number, your entire lifetime income will be kept track of.

When applying for a Driver’s License:

You can provide your social security number when you ask for the driver’s license. It can be used to verify your identity and citizenship.

When you apply for the Federal Loan:

In case if you apply for any federal loan, you will be asked for your social security number. The government with the help of the name will check your eligibility for the credit.


You must keep your social security card very safely. Not only as a result of the high risk of facing an identity theft but also considering the limitations that the social security administration has in replacing your social security card.

You are allowed to apply three times in a calendar year for replacement of your social security card and a total of ten substitutions throughout your lifetime.