Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful feelings in the lifetime of a woman. The fact that one is bringing forth a bundle of joy in a couple of months adds unexplainable pleasure.
However, the whole journey is not a bed of roses, sleep included. Sleeping is a challenge during those months especially when the bump enlarges yet you need enough time to rest. The postures become a nightmare, and if care is not taken, one ends up being fatigued the whole night, and this may cause serious side effects to the mother and the infant.
Pregnancy body pillows are made in such a way that the belly is comfortably cradled and the spine will remain relaxed without exerting pressure in looking for sleeping posture. It adds more comfort to the sleep during pregnancy and fewer visits to the doctor. They also come with a manual explaining every bit of how to use them.
When I was pregnant with my second baby, I learned about the Body pillows through a friend, and I regretted the first pregnancy. It was such strenuous especially during the third trimester, but the second pregnancy was a walk over. I could sleep the entire night, and it became part of me whether relaxing in the living room or the bedroom. At times, I could carry it in the car, and as my husband drove, I could rest in the back seat and made our outdoor fun activities remain active to the last minute.
It became a gospel that I could preach to my friends and colleges at work and everyone who used it has had great testimonials.
Advantages of the use of Pregnancy Body Pillows.
  1. Giving support to the belly:  Every pregnant woman will look for the most comfortable posture to sleep well, and because of their large size, they support the body to the desired position.
  2. Body changes may give irritation as some women may not be able to handle the changes but as the bump continues to grow, the pillow will also help in adjusting the changes, and one will feel relaxed even as they chat along with friends in the living room.
  3. Stress relievers: The fact that they are made of friendly material, they will help manage stress that may be caused by sleepless nights all along.
  4. After birth use: They can be easily used after birth to align the spine back to normal after having been strained by the big belly. Back pain will also be well managed, and this helps to reduce any future complications that may occur in old age. Besides, it will still offer the best comfort for shoulders and hips, reduce headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome all which is associated with stress.

Types of Body Pillows
There is a variety and among the best pregnancy body pillows that will make your face smile any time you wake up or relax while using them are as listed below.
  1. Wedge Shape: The pillows offer the complete body comfort and bearing in mind the common side effects experienced during pregnancy, the wedge shape works perfectly especially in relieving heart burns when placed on the headboard. It can also be placed under the back to relieve hips pressure, and the comfort is credible especially for the first time mothers who have not had any experience.
  2. Memory Foams: When looking for standard pillows with mobility and also standard size, this is the pillow to settle for with all the comfort whether placed on the neck to reduce the strain due to the lightweight that they possess. They are easy to manage because of their standard size, and as such one can get a wide variety of pillowcases depending on your personal touch of colour. It adds taste to the bedroom and offers overnight comfort.
  3. Letter shapes: They offer a wide range of comfort depending on the posture you wish.  For instance, the letter C shaped pillow can be used to support the hips while J will replace the ordinary standard pads during pregnancy.

How to use the Pillows.
For comfort, read the manual and understand, then depending on the posture you want, and for effective relief, use each pillow accordingly. Below are some tips that can aid one know how to use them.
  1. Back pain- Tuck between the bent knees and it will help relax especially when sleeping on the sides.
  2. At Night-Put the pillow on the lower back, and it will support even when rolling over from one side to another.
  3. Sleeping sideways: It’s best to place the pillow below the belly and allow it to rest on the pad to hold any pressure and reduce any lower belly pains.
When planning for that pregnancy list of items to purchase, including the best body pillow for pregnancy and experience the relief of having quality and good night sleeps. The beauty is that they are relatively cheap, available in assorted sizes and shapes depending on your preference. Do not stress yourself when there are solutions to boost your comfort.