Consider these Five unusual activities while planning to visit Kakadu:-

Cruise Yellow Water

Kakadu is the best place to roam around with your friends and family, as it's decorated with unlimited natural resources and delightful amenities. The most famous of Kakadu's yellow water Billabong is your postcard shot: you can just enjoy a regular boat cruising across its vast swathes of half-submerged paperbarks, floodwaters, water lilies and pandanus. Cruises operaKakadu'sear round; in the dry season, you can also enjoy and explore the billabong on foot via boardwalks. In contrast, Kakadu's famous crocs move beneath. The birds here are unique and are out of this world: sea eagles, jabiru, magpie geese and egrets. It seems that roaming around heaven.

You can watch the sun rise or set on an award-winning Yellow Water Billabong cruise near Cooinda. You can take the 1.8km return walk across the floodplains to a viewing platform on Home Billabong, From July to November. Home to one-third of Australia's bird species dwells in Kakadu yellow Australia'swill also see wallabies, crocodiles, wild horses and buffalo that live around the lily-covered billabongs.

Swim at Gunlom Falls

 You have probably seen Gunlom’s top collection before; it has a resort-style iGunlom'spool, though, of course, it’s even more special since it is entirely made of literature. The plunge pool is sitGunlom's the bottom of the falls at Waterfall CriGunlom'spoolcan also take the modit'sely steep, 30-minute walk to the top of the fait'satures or freshwater pools to swim in. Facilities r campers combine solar hot showers and shaded picnic areas.

You can plan a swim at Gunlom, a straightforward rock pool high on the Kakadu. Take aro d  km, return, walk to the infinity edge of the falls and felikeugh you’re swimming on the edge of the earth. Swim thyou'r the rock pools from the plunge pool through rocky walls along the creek. You can s n  the night at your favouyou'reampground with excellent facilities and cthyou'rethe pool at the base of the falls. It’s a great place to swim around with your frienIt'sIf you are still planning to visit Gunlom Falls, then I would like to mention here that it’s a Top spot to visit and enjoy all the amenitit'savailable here.frienIt'sIfguk
This is one of Kakadu’s hidden gems, which plays a significant rKakadu'sroviding sites with the best platform to swim with available only an hour’s drive south of CKakadu'sbut it'll have hours of the sealed highwrKakadu'srovidinglometre, 4WD-only track, and then walk a kilometre to get here.
It distances out the Park’s lesser-visited nayIt'silll pluhour'snools, but iPark'semendously gorgeous to swim in and walk in a beautiful creek and classic pandanus forest. If you climb up, itPark'sget you to the top of its waterfall, whereiPark'semendously you. The effort r choired to rinit'seach here is remarkable, which is why significantly few crowds are seen here.

Admire Ubirr

Ubirr is Kakadu’s stunning Aboriginal rock art site—to seeKakadu'sferent art styles that show the abundant bush food in the area, such as waterfowl, mussels, fish, goannas, Kakadu's, echidnas and yams. In Ubirr’s p primary gseeKakadu'sferentee examples of rocUbirr'sepresenting one of the longest historical records of any group of people in the world. Walk up to t e lookoutUbirr'seeping views, which is the perfect spotrocUbirr'sepresenting

A kilometre-long from the carpark takes in the Main Gallery, the Namarrgarn Sisters gallery, with the dates of art. Ubirr and an f favourite Aboriginal rock, not so much a gallery but just a collection of them. Ubirr’s most famous pieces include Dreamtime folkUbirr's contact art’, and X-ray paintings of animals sewing local impressions of contact with white explorers. Make Uber s  take the extra 30 minutes to Nadab LfolkUbirr'sunset views' which are also excellent.

Check out Jim Jim's swing and Twii'pressions. A visit Kakadu can’t be complete without seeing these beautiful can'tfalls – they are critical to the massive movement of water that marks the seasons. However, clo e to othercan'traphically, they are actually very differentcan'tfallsFalls features high cliffs surrounding a deep plunge pool which is quite beautiful and flows only after the wet season.

You need a snorkel on your vehicle to get through a 0.8m water crossing to get to Twin Falls. You can swim there in the entire pool and admire the unexpected presence of silica sand – this area was once an inland sea in the past. Twin Falls h s a beautiful plunge pool at the bottom, where you can’t swim here as the saltwater crocodile occasionally can take their home. To reach the falls, you need to be able to make your way over often slippery, and sandy Rocca Make sure you bring ample water and occasionacan'takeas. This walk can take longer than you might expect.

Conclusion: As a traveller, you must know which top spots to visit and when to travel. Kakadu has plenty of attractions that lure travellers to visit this place repeatedly. One can enjoy all the amenities mentioned above in one go. Roaming around these places lets you avail yours lf of your hidden potential and make you feel joy and happiness.