There so many things that you may indulge yourself in a while using the internet that will uplift your spirit and make you happy. It all depends on what intrigues you most and where your interest lies. While you are online, you are spoilt for choice because you can basically access whatever it is that you want at the touch of a button. Some of the things that you can engage yourself in that will make you happy include:

Watch Music videos on Youtube

For the music lovers, Youtube is your one-stop shop. Here you will be able to find all the genres of music that you are looking for from the old school to the new school. Youtube will keep you up to date will all the latest released tracks from your favourite artists. Youtube allows you to subscribe to your favourite artists; this will, therefore, will enable you to get updates whenever they get to post new content. So you will be informed immediately they post so that you get to sample their new music. DJs have also made proper use of this platform by compiling music and making a mix that the music lovers will definitely enjoy. Youtube also provides background information like when the track was produced; it also offers lyrics to allow the viewers to be able to sing along their favourite jams word for word.

Some of you may actually opt to read through favourite quotes on completing your work at, which is actually a great idea because apart from getting entertained you will get to learn something that will benefit you in the future. The quotes are easily accessible online. They will break the monotony from work and relieve some of the stress that piles up when you are working. This is also a great way of making use of your time while you are online.

Subscribing for Netflix to watch favourite movies

In case you are a movie fanatic, then Netflix is the best platform for you to catch up with your films. It provides a wide variety of movies from comedy, action, documentaries, horror among others for you to view according to your taste and preferences. Once you get to watch the particular film that intrigues you, Netflix goes a step further in giving you suggestions on the next movie that you should watch based on the previous on that you have already viewed.

Make social calls

You can also spend your time online catching up with long lost friends from high school and relatives especially if they are far away from you and it is tough for you to meet. Phone calls allow you to connect with typically anyone from anywhere in the world. This has made the world a global village. You can even go a step further and video call your loved ones. Video calls are much better as compared to phone calls as they have a personal touch and you get to see the person that you are actually interacting with. Ultimately this will help you have better relationships with your relatives as well as your friends. It also makes it easy for one to stay in touch.