Organic Chocolate

Chocolate is the only feel-good treat you will need when you are anxious or stressed, but you can’t avoid the guilt feelings that engulfs you when you enjoy each piece of that sugary dessert.

However, the good news is that you no longer need to count your calories when biting off your favorite chocolate bar, as it is now sweetened with natural coconut palm instead of regular white sugar. 

If you are still trying to convince of buying chocolate that is purified using coconut palm sugar and lactose-free chocolates, read on mid-day squares to know the reasons why you will love it.

Super Delicious And Healthy Organic Chocolate Chips

The robust caramel taste of coconut sugar is the right choice for complementing the flavors of organic chocolate. Coconut palm sugar has health benefits and can balance the bitterness of the cacao beans, making it an apt choice to team up with organic chocolates. 

When you take a bite of the organic chocolate chips sweetened with natural coconut palm sugar, you will love the rich taste of coconut sugar and cacao that explodes on your palate buds. Plus, it is suitable for your health, as it contains high calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium, and potassium levels. 

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Manufactured Through Artisan Process

The coconut sugar is obtained from the sap collected by cutting the buds of the coconut palm tree. The flower bud bundles are tapped to receive the juice in containers made of bamboo and later made to evaporate in low heat. The watery sap turns thick and caramelizes when the water content entirely fades. 

The resulting product is crumbly coconut sugar in tiny granules that can be mixed with cacao to make chocolate chips and chocolate bars. As it is obtained through a simple artisan process handled by organic farmers, coconut sugar contains trace minerals, starches, and prebiotic fiber naturally found in coconut sap.

Cruelty-Free And Organic

Unlike cane sugar, coconut palm sugar used in chocolates is not bleached and filtered through extreme processes using char of cow bones, beet sugar, and other chemicals. As it is obtained straight from the coconut trees through natural processes, you need not worry about harming animals during chocolate manufacturing using coconut palm sugar. 

Plus, it is an organic product, as it is naturally collected and evaporated to retain its natural taste and color. It contains no added chemicals like xylitol, mannitol, or erythritol.

Low Glycemic Index

The coconut sugar used for sweetening organic chocolates contains a prebiotic fiber called Inulin, improving the beneficial flora in the digestive tract. It also lowers the rate of sucrose absorption in your bloodstream and has a lower glycemic index when compared with apples. It is beneficial in supporting the microbiome in the human body. 

Choosing chocolates made with coconut palm sugar will enhance your immunity and fat metabolism rate and maintain gut health and blood sugar levels. It also helps lower the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, colon cancer, and other medical conditions.