When it comes to online course platforms, two options that are often compared are Learnworlds vs Podia. However, networking in simple terms can be understood as the system of interconnected computers, servers, and network devices which allows transfer of information from one computer or device to another. Networking is a part of information technology (IT) that allows the transmission of data between connected computers and other instruments (mobile phones, routers, and peripherals) forming an interconnected network or systems. This enables the exchange of data among various individuals or groups that share the common objective or goals. The networking is the process through which we get the results of our search in the World Wide Web within a few seconds through interconnected systems and computers. 

The field of networking is vast and provides promising career opportunities for the students looking to enter the area of networking. Networking degrees are offered by various colleges and universities across the world, and a student must have a degree in networking to get the much-needed knowledge and skills to enter in the field, whether it’s an online degree or on-campus degree. The demand of networking specialisation degrees are rapidly increasing and to get yourself admitted in one of these degree programs, search for the top online networking degrees if you are interested in online education as it provides the opportunity to study at your own pace.

Why study networking?

The field of networking is a means to share information and data among various interconnected systems of computers and other devices, which provides valuable knowledge and data to an individual or groups having the common objectives. There are lots of reasons to take networking as a major as it is not just a constantly evolving field; it is also an advantageous career option for students as it offers a lot of opportunities to the students. Various reasons to study networking are laid down below.
  • Networking or computer networking allows the students with the various opportunities to work in the variety of industries and business organisations, it offers ample amount of career options for the students to choose from.
  • Studying networking provides you with various technical skills regarding computers that can come in very handy in the future as the world is continually evolving and relying more and more on technological advancements, thus having a technical background can open doors to various career and job opportunities.
  • The field of networking requires various interpersonal skills, and thus studying networking can enhance your problem-solving skills and researching skills. 
  • The primary function of the computer network is to provide and exchange information and data to the individual and groups looking forward to that information, thus networking can help make a difference in the world, by directly or indirectly helping others.
  • The field of networking has lots of growth potential, thus getting a job in this field can allow various job growth opportunities.

Various types of networking

Networking is a field that is divided into various categories; different networking categories are mentioned below.
  • PAN (Personal Area Network)
  • LAN (Local Area Network)
  • WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network)
  • CAN (Campus Area Network)
  • MAN (Metropolitan Area Network)
  • WAN (Wide Area Network)
  • SAN (Storage Area Network)
There are several other types of networks built which are used to carry out specific tasks and sharing information within the designated range of the systems.

Jobs and career prospects for a networking student

Everything we search, download, upload, print, and access from the internet is a result of networking. From sending and receiving an e-mail to downloading movies, videos, and games from the internet, everything is made possible through networking. Thus networking is considered the backbone of any business organisation and industry.

As the field of networking is vast, it provides an ample amount of opportunities to the students of networking. To get into the area of networking the students are always looking for various degree programs to get the much-required knowledge. The online degree programs are more flexible and user friendly for the students, hence if you are looking for specific degree program, for example, best online software engineering degrees it can provide you with all the details about that particular degree program as well as colleges providing the degrees, thus providing you with the chance to compare, and select the best college as well as the degree program suitable for you.

Having a networking degree can kick-start your career in the field of networking by providing various job opportunities in various different sectors and fields of work, few job prospects for a student of networking are mentioned below.
  • Network engineer
  • Network administrator
  • Network programmer
  • Network service technician


Networking is a field that is responsible for everything we see and do on the internet, ranging from sending an e-mail to uploading and downloading various data. The area of networking provides students with the opportunities to work in multiple different settings as well as grow in the career.