So you found someone special and looking forward to the first date? The first date is significant for a long-lasting relationship. You should not give any wrong indication about how you feel for her or him on your first date. Hence, thorough planning and preparation are mandatory to make your first date successful.

Every man and woman who just started dating and is looking for ideas to impress their date should pay attention to this article. Here, we will share the most authentic and unique gifting ideas for making your first date a memorable date of your lifetime.

We shall bifurcate the gifts based on gender because men and women have different likes and thought processes.

Women expect you to be on your best behavior on a first date. There are plenty of ways to impress a woman but not every woman is the same. Hence, you need to understand her properly before picking a gift.

The gifting idea on the first date for Her

  • Flowers: Pick her favorite Flower bouquet to gift. Flowers can lighten up any woman's face, which is an excellent way to start.
  • Chocolates: Bring a chocolate box for the lucky women to start your date with the sweetness. So, if your girl has a crazy sweet tooth, ensure you have something for her.
  • Silk scarf: If the lady is highly sophisticated and you need clarification on likes, just grab a lovely silk scarf. It will give an impression that you do think of her comfort and likes.
  • Something personal: A personalized locket or jewelry piece that can be kept for lifelong years. Such gifts convey that the relationship means much to you and you want to take it as long as life.
  • Books: Books are an incredible gift option for women who like to read. Find out the genre she loves to read and get a book. She will never forget you.
Unlike women, most men don't expect any gifts on the first date; hence, the idea of getting him something is a surprise. Men love to know that you make an effort for them and are willing to make this date memorable for both of you.

Gifting idea on the first date for Him

  • Book: Do a little research about his likes and get him a book of his favorite genre. This is a very thoughtful gift.
  • Small memory: You can gift a small keychain or lucky charm gift, readily available at any gift house. By granting such things, you will give him the indication that it is a blessed and happy beginning.
  • Pick a comfortable place: If he is Foody like most men, take him to his favorite food truck place that is more comfortable for him than an expensive Cafe.
  • Cards: You can gift him a card with good wishes for the beginning of the new relationship. Make sure not to go too far. Generally, men don't like to go too fast in a relationship.
  • Thoughtful and helpful: Valuable something for him; remember the talk you have had and if there is anything he mentioned that you can afford
To be safer, visit the nearest gift store or online store and look for generally available options. These stores will suggest every possible category to gift on your first date. If you want to spend less on the first date grab online discount coupons from and impress your date smartly.