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Tips for Creating Your Own Instagram Content

Without finding a way to create good content, you cannot make your Instagram page work. You have to try strategies to make it informative, attractive, and engaging at the same time. Thankfully, you can use several content ideas to create your own Instagram content.

It is worth mentioning that even the best of content will fail to make an impact when you do not already enjoy a good following, and that is when you can check out to find ways to improve the credibility of your page through likes and followers. Nevertheless, you will have to create content and here are a few tips to know.

Define a Clear Focal Point

The focal point of your Instagram post content should be clear if you want to grab the attention of your audience. A well-defined clear image often attracts the viewers and they spend some time exploring it. While on the other hand a busy image with less focus on the actual product or an unclear photograph which is difficult to comprehend usually confuses the audience and diverts them from your post. As a result of this, you get fewer viewers and less engagement of your followers which ruin the purpose of posting.

Abide by the Rule of Thirds

There are some basic rules and strategies of photography that can dramatically change your ordinary clicks. One such classic technique is the rule of third. According to this rule, you are required to view your product or image overlay with a 9 part grid. Place the intersection of the grid aligned with the most prominent part of the image and then adjust the focal point in one-third of the image. This rule is the most important strategy for taking focused photographs.

Allow White Space and Borders

Borders help in keeping the image more focused therefore leaving white borders around the edges will make it more prominent. White spaces or borders prevent the image from appearing too busy and help the viewers to concentrate on the image rather than its surroundings. It gives some breathing space to the image and impacts the audience in a positive way.

Pay Attention to Contrast and Balance

A stunning image attracts the people in a way that they at least stop for a few seconds to view its details and these images can make your Instagram post steal the show.

For creating a striking image an appropriate ration of balance and contrast is crucial. This balance and contrast are needed in all aspects of the photo be it shape, colour, light, or scale. You can attain the perfect balance and appropriate contrasting element with trial and error.

Tips for making your content stand out:

  • Adjust the font style and size according to the theme of the content.
  • Adjust the thickness of white borders around the image.
  • Now apply the filters on your image. You can use Instagram tools for this purpose.
  • Always adjust the brightness and temperature while taking the photograph.
  • Various tools can be used for editing the background of your image.
  • Evaluate the image as a viewer and correct any sharp contrasting element.
  • Your image should be soothing to the eyes.

Find High-Quality Stock Images

You can find high-quality stock images through various free tools like Unsplash or They have a large collection of stock images and you can browse them according to your required niche.

If you don't want typical stock images you can opt for paid tools like Stocksy which have comparatively unique and higher quality images.

Always choose the correct size of the image while buying the one as Instagram has its defined dimensions of 1080p x 1080p.

Create Your Own Instagram Content Using Templates

The various kinds of Instagram posts must vary in content and style from each other. You can`t use the same style for uploading recipes and announcing giveaways. You must be creative in this regard but if you are out of ideas you can take the assistance of templates.

There are various tools available that offer creative templates for all your kinds of posts be it contests or product launch. They also offer a wide range of editing options for making your posts unique and attractive to the viewers.

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