Are you looking for ways to cut costs by doing your own repairs? Most homeowners end up spending a lot of money on repairs instead of learning how to do some simple fixes. Here are some fixes that you can do around the house to save money:

Dusty Chandelier

Is your chandelier dirty? Instead of hiring someone to clean it for you, you should do it yourself. Just wait for it to cool, then wear gloves and wipe it with a glass cleaner. If you have a crystal chandelier, you should clean it with three parts distilled water and one part rubbing alcohol.

Dampen one glove with the cleaning solution, then use it to wipe the chandelier and wipe it with the dry glove. You can also use the same technique to clean your exterior lanterns and keep them dust-free.

Squeaky Floor

If your house or deck floor is squeaky, you can fix it temporarily using talcum powder. Just sweep the powder into the cracks and remove the remaining traces of visible powder. You can also plan for a DIY deck staining job to restore it to its original finish; read more. However, if you want a permanent fix for your deck floor, you should reach out to experts that you can find at this website

Peeling Wallpaper

Use a knife to spread wallpaper paste on writing paper and rub it on the inside of the peeling wallpaper. After that, you should press the wallpaper against the wall and slowly slide out the writing paper. If bubbles are beneath the wallpaper, you should smooth them away using a clean cloth.

Stained Tub

Mix equal parts of lemon juice, baking soda, and cream of tartar until you make a smooth paste. Use the mixture on the stains – you can use a clean cloth or your bare fingers to apply the paste on the tub. Let it sit on your tub for half an hour, then rinse it with water.

Squeaky Door Hinges

Spray some WD-40 on your door hinges as you move them back and forth to ensure you properly work the lubricant. You can use some petroleum jelly on the hinges if you do not have this lubricant. If the squeakiness is still there after applying lubricant, you should lift the hinge pins and rub some three-in-one oil on them. This should do the trick, and your doors will be noise-free again.

Slamming Door

You can attach some foam weather stripping to the doorstep to keep your door from slamming. You could also wrap a wide rubber band around both sides of your doorknobs to dampen the slamming noise. Just make sure that you do not cover the latch of your door.

Flat Cushions

If your cushions are flat and you must keep fluffing them throughout the day, you should put them under the sun and flip them afterward. Be careful not to leave them outside too long because sunlight fades colors. The sun will evaporate any moisture inside the filling, thus making it possible for the cushions to plump up again.

Dry Cutting Board

Do you think that your cutting board needs to be drier? You can revive it with some pure mineral oil. You just need to place it in a bowl of hot water to warm it, then apply the oil on the cutting board using a soft cloth. Let the oil sit on the cutting board for a while, then wipe it off six hours later.


The above easy repairs will help you to save money over time. Learn how to do them on your own instead of always calling professionals.

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