Instead of the brand name, I always choose the quality because if you are investing your money in the gadget, then it should be the best regarding the condition. So I always try to give you the best quality at the very affordable price to my readers. So today, I have decided to review one of the best dual dash cam 2019, and that is NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam. So that you can take the smart and best decision for your safety.

NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam is really amazing and excellent regarding quality. And you can trust the quality and the features of the gadget that is coming from a well-known and a well-reputed company. The best thing about this dash cam is to capture every accidental activity behind your car as well as you can capture your journey that you can see on the full 2.7" LCD Screen. And I can guarantee you that after using this NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam in your car, you will feel secure and that is why today I am here with the complete buyer's guide of this gadget.

Now without wasting the single second of yours, I would like to talk about the features and the technology of the NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam. So before taking any decision about this double dash cam, then must check out the complete review with its amazing features which is given below. Let’s have a look.

NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam "Complete Review & Buyers Guide"

  • High-Resolution Video - This dash cam front and rear will record super HD high-resolution videos. It will show everything in front of you with ultra clear 1280x480 30FPS. So that you will able to see every clear detail in front of your car. And this amazing camera is suitable to record not only the day scenes. But it can record the night or dim light views also with full clarity. So, you can freely drive in the bad weather or during the rainy days. It means with this camera you will have the recording of each and everything that happens on the road even during the rainy season also.
  • Support GPS Module - This fantastic gadget supports GPS module which enables it to capture the speed, location, , and coordinates of the motor vehicle. You just need to let you open up Google Maps, and you can immediately see your vehicle's driving track, time, speed, and date which insurance companies love to have. These details can be played back which will show the real rate of your car at which it was travelling and at what time and at what place. So GPS module enables you to give factual information about your speed, time and location.
  • Support Gravity Sensor - G-Sensor is among the most important features which every dash cam must support. Just because of the gravity sensor, it allows the car DVR to detect and record any immediate motion or speed changes in X, Y and Z axis that means as soon as any sharp braking, rapid acceleration, extreme cornering or sudden impact happens and then, it automatically locks and saves the currently recording video in case of any collision which you can use anytime if needed. So, through this dash cam, you will have the proper evidence of every accidental or criminal activity near or with your car. Damntools has agreed with our opinion.  
  • Ultra Small Volume - NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam comes with the front lens with the ultra-wide angle of 140 degrees that can be easily rotated up and down with the 20 degrees. The back glass of the dash cam with ultra wide-angle of 120 degrees high resolution. 

This perfect modular design of the best front and rear dash cam is more convenient for various angle and high-resolution video shooting so that you can shoot the various angles easily. And it can cover a wide area also. So this amazing device will never let you miss even a single motion to get recorded. Every single movement around your car will get recorded with this camera.

Final Words About The NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam

Well, guys, this was all about the NOVPEAK Dual Dash Cam and I hope you like this excellent review as well as this gadget. After reading this complete buyers guide, I hope you can take the smart and wise decision for your security as it is only one of the security solution in nowadays. For more dash cam suggestions, you may visit Ferrariphotopage blog

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