Most of the Wealthy Affiliate reviews you find on the internet are biased and promote this product by showing the bright side only for their commission, as the wealthy Affiliate is giving 50% commission to their members to improve their courses.

Here is an unbiased review of a wealthy Affiliate for what it is and how good or bad it is? Or is it really the way they are actually promoting it?

What is Affiliate Marketing? is the most significant opportunity for affiliates. It is a way of making money online by promoting other people's products. Many different products can match your site's niche, and you can promote that product on your website and earn on every sale through your referral. If your website's referral link generates sales, you receive a commission.

Pros of Affiliate Marketing:

  1. Technology does everything; it's easy and accurate. It is a hassle-free process; you can earn by just sitting at home.
  2. Make sure everything is clear over getting paid.
  3. You can really make big money, but patience is the key. It is a lie if anybody says that easy and you can earn a lot of money within a few months of beginning.
  4. There are many affiliates in the market. You can choose any and start your journey.

Cons of Affiliate Marketing

  1. It is a highly competitive space with many people and websites coming daily. It is a challenging task, and you need a lot of patience to go to the top of google searches so that more and more people visit your website. Knowledge of SEO and good content may help.
  2. Some offers may have low commission rates, which affect your earning.

You get two types of membership options with the wealthy affiliates program.

  1. Free Membership
  2. Premium Membership

Let us see what you get in both of these:

What do you get in the free membership of a wealthy affiliate?

The free membership gives you limited access to the wealthy affiliate dashboard and provides temporary access to some features. 

Here is what you get with a free group of the wealthy Affiliate
  1. Live help-7 days
  2. You can host only up to 2 websites
  3. Training course for beginners
  4. Affiliate boot camp training- only phase 1
  5. Website backup
  6. Personal affiliate blog
  7. Video walk
  8. Keyword research tools- only 30 searches
  9.  training classrooms
  10. 7 days 1-on-1 coaching
You can run a successful business with only free membership, but it is not recommended. The open group is like trial access to get you signed up for premium membership. You can use the free membership to judge yourself to know whether you should sign up for the premium account. The conversion rate from free to premium is 1:8, which means everyone out of 8 people using free membership upgrades themselves to the premium account. Only you can decide whether the wealthy Affiliate is right for you; free membership helps you make that decision.

What do you get in the premium membership of a wealthy affiliate?

Suppose you actually want to become an affiliate and build your mate online. In that case, the wealthy member provides you with a great community full of help, resources, and tools to do your business grow. The premium account gives you access to every tool the wealthy affiliate provides. The issue with other marketing communities and training programs is that they need to be updated within a year or a few months. Still, wealthy affiliate updates their courses daily, and the best part is the live video training affiliate they provide every week. Also, you can access past videos and training systems made by them. The premium account gives unlimited access to all the community features. 

The things you get with a premium membership are
  1. Unlimited live help
  2. Private Messaging
  3. Host up to 50 websites
  4. Website backup
  5. Full access to the beginner's training course.
  6. Personal affiliate blog
  7. All 7 phases of boot camp training
  8. Live video classes
  9. Unlimited keyword search tool
  10. 2 times higher pay-out
  11. 2 Training classrooms
  12. Earning and learning
  13. Unlimited 1-on-1 coaching
  14. 24/7 for 365 days website support
  15. Website analysis
  16. Website comment platform
  17. Website feedback platform
  18. Private access to webinars
Seeing the number of services given in premium membership and the amount you pay is clearly a win-win situation. It includes all the tools required for good only business. In oIn other affiliate programs, you may have to pay separately for different devices like website security, keyword search tool, etc., which makes things costly and inconvenient. Here you get everything under one roof, including all the training programs, tutorials, and support that come with your membership. This makes wealthy affiliate programs more convenient, affordable, and efficient.

What are the pros of wealthy affiliates?

  • The best training course available in the industry.
  • The best program in the interest of beginners.
  • It provides everything literally for a thriving affiliate business you will need.
  • Great community to ask any doubts you have.
  • One-on-one training and private chat option.

What are the cons of the wealthy affiliate?

  • As you can see that it is actually the best affiliate program in the unaffiliated all its services and features under one roof, but there is always room for betterment, so here are the cons and points where improvement is needed
  •  ‌wealthy affiliate primarily focuses on beginners and those new to the affiliate business. SAffiliatealready in the industry and have experienced may not be satisfied with the kind of training and courses provided. Hence, the system needs to be made more advanced for experienced people who want to know other than things that they already know.
  • They need to create a forum where topics can be browsed easily. Yes, they do have a live chat, one on one coaching, personal messaging, etc., but still, a traditional forum can help to browse the topics easily
  • wealthy affiliate is too strict regarding spamming, so when you have something valuable to Affiliate, you must be careful regarding mentioning or referring your website.
  • So overall, it is the best marketplace for beginners, and by trying a free membership, the fact will become evident.

For whom wealthy affiliate is made?

A Wealthy Affiliate is an excellent place for those new to the affiliate who want hands-on affiliate business experience. Experience ones can also use this program and get the benefits, but the program mainly focuses on training newbies and letting them grow and who sincerely want to learn how to make money online.

Again, it does not promise to make you rich overnight; nobody can ever do that, and if someone promises to do so, it's a trap or some other gimmick. Yes, you will learn how to create a legitimate online business and earn some serious cash, but it also requires your time, effort, patience, and some investment.

A wealthy affiliate is also suitable for those who need to be made aware of the different tools required and require everything at one site, from security to search tools and everything else.

Who should not sign up for it?

For people in dire need of cash or someone who wants quick money, the wealthy affiliate is not for you. Remember, every business takes time. , Affiliate might taAffiliatele less time, but it cannot make you rich within weeks.
Affiliate people who prefer to socialize less should not sign up for wealthy affiliates, as communication and socializing are a big part of this.

People who prefer to write something other than quality content and are irregular with content should not sign up for the wealthy affiliate, as affiliate marketing largely depends on content creation.

So this was affiliated with the wealthy member. So if you want to see what it is like to be an affiliate marketer but need to be serious about it, do not sign up for a wealthy affiliate, or you will waste your money and time. Nothing can stop you from being a successful online business. Choose wisely and have patience.