Colored Diamonds

Not many of us would have the correct information about chocolate or colored diamonds, as they are also referred to. However, there is a big market for colored diamonds. However, compared to the mined diamonds, the colored variants are tiny and perhaps even minuscule in numbers and value. In 'layman's terms, if 10000 carats of a diamond are mined, only 1 carat could be colored diamond. There are some instances where the value of colored diamonds could run into millions of dollars. On the other end of the spectrum, you can also come across low-priced colored diamonds. These are often peddled as original colored diamonds, which they are not. The colors of these diamonds are altered artificially using irradiation and another dying process. Hence, you must know how to pick up the right diamond at the right price. This calls for some helpful and pertinent information about the various types of colored diamonds. Therefore, before going in for that chocolate diamond bracelet, ring, or necklace, you must be sure about the purity and value of such colored diamonds. We are therefore happy to share some helpful and pertinent information about these diamonds to benefit our valuable readers and prospective customers.

Yellow Diamond

Yellow diamonds get their color because of the nitrogen impurities as far as their molecular structure is concerned. These nitrogen atoms, which are present inside the diamond stone, absorb blue light. However, it allows only yellow as the complementary color to be radiated. Hence, you see them as the famous yellow diamond. There is something else also, and the same is known as canary diamond. This is the name given to a diamond that belongs to the elite status. They are considered elitist based on the grading done by GIA. They belong to a unique, rare class of vivid, fancy yellow colors and hues. The brilliance and saturation of these diamond stones are excellent, and they resemble the beautiful feathers of the canary bird. Hence, they are referred to as canary diamonds.

Are There Any Color Modifiers Used

Apart from yellow, there are other colors and hues in which these colored diamonds are available. In fact, yellow diamonds often come with naturally occurring modifiers, and in most cases, there is an undertone of brown.

These are less priced when compared to plentiful and pure yellow gems, which are also rare compared to other hues and colors. Apart from the above, you can also get colored diamonds in green, red, and similar tones. The price would depend on the purity, color saturation, distribution, and other factors. You could also come to cross greenish-yellow and orange-tinged yellow-colored diamonds. However, the general rule is that when yellow diamonds are integrated with different hues and colors, they are considered a lower category and are priced less. Hence, this is an important point that you must consider when buying colored diamonds is concerned.

Which Mine Is The Most Famous

Yellow-colored diamonds are found in many countries; as far as quality is concerned, there are only a few mines worth mentioning. The Zimmi Mine in Sierra Leone is considered among the best or arguably the best for pure and top-class yellow-colored diamonds.

These yellow diamonds emanating from Zimmi Mine have the best clarity and saturation. Therefore, they could easily fetch twice the price offered for yellow diamonds from other mines across the world.

Does The Investment Make Sense

Yellow diamonds could be one of the best options when you are in the market to buy a colored diamond. They are considered reasonable and are also more affordable when compared to other colors and hues of diamonds. However, they can be good only when other vital points are considered, including clarity, cut, and carat weight. Therefore, at the end of the day, there are quite a few things you must bear in mind when buying these colored diamonds in general and yellow diamonds in particular.