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Meta title: 6 Ways to Manage Your Business as Your Wedding Date Approaches

Meta title: Marriage is often considered the most joyous event of life, but you may find it hard to manage your business as the wedding date approaches. Here’s what you should do.

Title: 6 Tricks to Manage Your Business When Your Wedding Date Is Near

Phil and Miranda liked each other since their college days. However, it took them 3 years to confess their love for each other. They are getting married this November, but as the wedding date approaches, it is becoming a little hard for Phil and Miranda to balance their personal and professional lives.

Is it too relatable for you? If you plan to get married in the next few months, you may also face the same difficulties as Phil and Miranda. And if you hold a key position at an enterprise, you may find it even more challenging to manage your work as the big event (i.e. your wedding) comes near.

Even if you hire an event planner for the marriage ceremony, you cannot just stay aloof while everyone is excited about the whole thing. Obviously, it diverts your attention from the business you worked so hard for all these years. However, you may be able to manage your business quite effectively among all the personal engagements if you have a few tricks up your sleeve.

Fix the date during the off-season:

Whether you are running a small enterprise or a big multinational corporation, the wedding will keep you occupied for a significant period. So it is wiser to choose a date during the off-season when the workload is less, and you will be available for all the wedding-related commitments.

During the off-season, you can ask your subordinates to look after your work in case you are unavailable. Even though the workload is likely to be less during the off-season, it should review the work your subordinates are doing in your absence. Unless you have complete trust in your subordinates, spending a few hours at the office before attending any wedding-related appointment is better.

Maintain a to-do list:

A to-do list is a great time management tool. If you are having a hard time balancing your work life and personal engagements as the wedding date approaches, you may need one to manage your schedule. A to-do list generally works as a gentle reminder of the things you are supposed to do on that very day.

Firstly, you need to prioritize the high-impact tasks that you need to take care of immediately. In most cases, business-related engagements take the top section of the to-do list, but you may also need to fit in a few personal commitments on the list when the wedding date approaches. Prioritizing the engagements may be the hardest part in this one.

Communicate with your fiancé regularly:

As you may realise, you and your fiancé are on this journey together. While you may need to take care of several wedding-related engagements individually, there are a few commitments that require the presence of both of you. Letting him or she know about your schedule can allow you to avoid the cancellation of some appointments you may need for the wedding.

Also, if he or she forgets to inform you about her day's schedule, you should call him or her up and get the updates about the program. Also, if something of higher importance comes up at work, you should let your partner know so that he or she can plan the rest of the day accordingly. Since the preparation for the wedding involves a lot of appointments, meetings, and commitments, it may actually save you from a lot of trouble if you maintain regular communication with your partner.

Hire an efficient personal assistant:

You may already have a personal assistant if you hold a crucial position at a large enterprise. However, if you don't, consider hiring one for the time being as you will likely get busy preparing for the wedding. From filing your VAT in UAE to fixing an appointment with your dentist – a proficient personal assistant can make your life a lot easier.

If you have done an LLC company formation in Dubai, you have the option to ask your partner to take care of the business, but everyone does not have that choice. Proper personal assistance can keep track of your schedule at work. You can also ask him/her to attend the calls and client meetings for you when you are busy taking care of any personal commitment. If the person is smart enough, he or she can also reduce your workload at the office as you spend time preparing for the wedding.

Consult a therapist:

Surely, marriage is a big step for any individual. So it is okay to feel the jitters as the wedding date approaches, but you cannot afford to feel distracted all the time if you are running a business. To keep things in check, it is recommended to visit a therapist with or without your partner. Together you may have a better chance of solving the issues, but you can attend the session alone if there's a reason.

The therapist can listen to your story and can offer therapy to solve those issues before it can affect your work or personal life. Since it will be difficult to spare sufficient time to work with all the things going on, it may become stressful for you to handle all the business. A therapist can also help you reduce the stress by recommending a solution.

Try to involve less number of people:

"Too many cooks spoil the broth", and it is apt for the wedding preparation. Having too many people involved in the development of the wedding only increases your responsibilities. You not only need to coordinate with some people but also find it overwhelming to listen to different ideas from everyone.

If you run a business, you need to concentrate on your work for the significant part of the day. So hire a professional event organiser, and give him or her the responsibility to do all things necessary for the wedding ceremony, reception, and other related events. You can just approve a few things at the end of the day. This way, you may be able to manage your work without worrying too much about the wedding.

Things may not be the same as before after marriage, but if you jeopardise your business because of the wedding preparation, you may not be able to forgive yourself. To avoid that from happening, you should consider these steps. Hopefully, these steps will allow you to be the master of both professional and personal life.

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