SEO backlinks

Any marketer or business owner must acquire at least five relevant backlinks monthly. This requires so much skill and time for content creation and public relations with the help of blogger outreach services. You need to remember that four sites that relate to the industry are more relevant than fifteen non-substantial links. The right SEO tools will help you determine the proper quality over quantity for your links.

Broken-link building technique

The broken-link-building technique works perfectly for creating one-way backlinks. This technique involves contacting the webmaster to report broken links on the site. You will, at the same time, recommend other sites to replace the link. You can mention your site at this point. Since you are doing this master favor of reporting broken links, the chances of getting backlinks to your site are high.

Build internal links.

Internal links are crucial factors when you want to run a successful blog. They are similar to link juice and make it possible to use anchor texts. With the proper internal linking structure, you can assist users in navigating the website and increase the whole experience. Some tools can automatically formulate internal links on the blog, especially when running WordPress, but you have to do it manually. Matt Cutts from Microsoft recommends that webmasters keep internal links below one hundred per page for SEO and usability.

Promote your content.

Good content will only get you backlinks if you have marketing techniques. You need to do email outreach to promote the best articles. One great strategy for doing this is contacting sites or bloggers running monthly or weekly roundups. Also, you need to use Google to search for keywords with the term 'roundup' to see the previous week's results.

You can then contact webmasters and introduce them to the site. With the message, send a link to your best guides or tutorials. If they find the resource beneficial, they will have a backlink the following week. Bloggers constantly look for great content; therefore, they will desire to hear from you. Just as with other techniques, you need to ensure that you do not end up abusing the relationship with the webmaster by asking for a link directly.

Write testimonials.

The natural method of earning high-quality backlinks to your site is by writing testimonials for the sites you are utilizing. You will spend several minutes, and you can gain links from the homepage of authoritative sites. As long as you remain a product client, you can get links in exchange for the testimonial. List the tools you are using to reach out to discuss the likelihood of featuring the testimony on the desired site.

Contact journalists and influential bloggers.

To get links to the site, you need to spread the word about the business. The better way of doing it is by sending emails to influencers and journalists in the same niche. It can be tricky to find an individual's email, but there is no reason to become discouraged. If email messages do not work, use social media sites like LinkedIn or Google Plus. Remember that each pitch has to be short and direct on point. People need more time to read boring and long emails from strangers.


You can indeed earn backlinks through donations to nonprofit firms. This technique is straightforward and quick. All you need to do is to find sites in your niche accepting contributions and link sites that have donated. Submit the donation amount you would like to give and then write your site's URL. Finding sites requires searching for a search engine.

Get interviewed.

Right now, interviews are hot and a smooth and great way of earning backlinks to your site. After becoming an authority in your area, you will get many interview invitations; until then, you must make the leading step to start. Look for sites running meetings and ask them to participate and the knowledge you can contribute to their website.  


Earning quality links can be challenging, but finding link-building opportunities with the proper methods and resources is easy. Finally, you must remember that keeping the backlink is as crucial as building them. Therefore, keep track of the backlinks the website is getting through the use of Majestic and Ahrefs, and monitor backlinks. Managing the data of short-tail and long-tail keywords while trying to build a good SEO backlinks campaign can be challenging. 

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