The extreme engine power carries this SUV as if it is light as air

Luxury is a term now entering the SUV range and the Range Rover Sport is a true depiction of this trait. It is a very capable transport ready to be taken to any heights off road or on road. Difficult is not a word that can discourage this vehicle from performing to its best.

It is spacious have a nice styling and its engine is good for the purpose. Do not think that this package is not expensive, why? Because to put all the characteristics which are attributes of a sedan plus you are talking about the toughness of a climber is almost impossible.

Then Range Rover engine pulls and the suspension supports it for an output which beyond any doubt creates excitement for the onlooker as well as the one driving it. There is a lot of everything for the adventurous driver waiting to be uncovered and the most thrilling is how well it put things in the right manner to deliver the exact torque needed for the job.

Engines serve their function well

With crisp styling and a lavish cabin, the vehicle certainly stands out. But the engines are out of this world built exactly for what they are going to do for the one behind the wheel.

The base engine is the same for all the Range Rover Sports which is a 3.0-litre supercharged V6. It gives 340hp and 380hp for the SE, HSE and HSE Dynamic spec respectively. For the SE 340hp, the V6 can pull up to 60 mph in just 6.9 secs.

Diesel has a different story to tell

The 3.0-litre V6 in the diesel side is hushed and makes the journey smooth and silent. The 5.0-litre V8 is available in the upper trims but you have to compromise for fuel economy over here a bit.

With 518hp and a timing of 5.0 sec, you can well imagine how quick your SUV can be. But there is still more, a 575hp variant with timing if just 4.3 seconds it lies on top of the pile.

The sound is inviting and it is super quick and seems as if it is bashing through the air without putting any extra effort. The 8-speed automatic transmission imparts power to all the four wheels and keeps up its pace according to the speed up and down.

What exactly makes the Range Rover an off-road genius?

There is a Terrain Response selector that adjusts throttle, transmission and stability control according to the surface conditions this is present in the base models as standard.

In the higher trims, there is a Terrain Response 2 system which lets the occupier choose General, Dynamic, Grass/Gravel/Snow, Mud/Ruts, Sand, Rock/Crawl and Auto programs which transform this vehicle able enough to decide what is needed at what condition.

This system is also available for the base trims as optional. An air suspension is standard throughout the range that can raise and lower the Sport. The ground clearance is 9.3 inches which ensures a comfortable cabin for the passengers in any conditions.