Brokers must adapt to the current digital age to create an online solution that accommodates savvy customers with less complex needs. ETNA broker Back Office is a web platform that connects broker-dealers and digital advisors while utilizing robust regulatory technology to meet the challenges facing an online brokerage firm, thus ensuring the smooth running of a business.


Every financial institution heavily relies on a secure platform, client confidentiality, and excellent customer service. All our products are designed with multi-factor authentication to ensure users are thoroughly verified using multiple provisions.

 Along with a password, the process includes the following:
  • Pin code authentication 
  • Picture authentication 
  • Phrase authentication 
  • SMS authentication 
These provisions highly minimize any chances of security breaches. ETNA Broker Back Office also employs a Security Master Database, which simplifies the process of configuration and operations between individual securities or on a group level.


ETNA broker office boast of advanced trading software applications needed for a smooth operation of an online brokerage system. The online stock comes with reliable customer support and is 100% white-label. Mobile Trading is supported on Android and iOS apps, including smartwatch applications, live charts, and quotes. Built on HTML5, our browser system can be used on any computer, giving you the flexibility of Trading wherever you are regardless of the device you use. The easy-to-use web layout offers unlimited opportunities for a personalized trading experience. The presence of third-party apps makes it easier for traders to try various trading tools while learning new strategies without having to leave the platform. This encourages more brand visibility.

ETNA continually monitors what's new and keeps abreast with the current rules and regulations to regularly make the necessary improvements to the platform.

Today's high IT cost has rendered many digital broker Trading firms inaccessible to firms and brokerage firms. Our broker Trading software is here to change that paradigm. Central investment banks and online brokerages houses have used our world-class platform since 2002, with exceptional customer support. Regardless of the size of your startup, our pricing plans are very flexible.

Our White Label Online Trading Terminal offers cutting-edge technology for brokers and a responsive layout that accommodates up to 12 displays.


Seamless integration thanks to modern software. From creating custom design themes to trading groups, create your preferred logo in an easy-to-use platform.
  • Extensive experience in the industry 
  • 100% white label for a more personalized experience while Trading 
  • A team of qualified tech experts who are traders too
  • Compliance with the current regulations in the trading space 


Every web designer now appreciates the need to make their site mobile-friendly to accommodate busy clients who want to stay connected wherever they are on their mobile devices. Enhance your clients' experience on the ETNA Trader Mobile platform. The easily customizable layout allows for streaming data and price alerts at just a touch.

Speed is crucial as far as online Trading is concerned. Broker Back Office ETNA Trader Mobile provides valuable quotes and real-time stock news to make quick, informed investment decisions wherever you are.

The absence of a robust charting mechanism can make it quite tricky for stock traders to map market trends in an organized manner. One of the main features of ETNA's Mobile Trading Platform is Live Charts to collect complex data and identify emerging market patterns and other capabilities. 

The 4 chart types are

  1. Candlestick 
  2. Bar 
  3. Line 
  4. Area 
All these types spontaneously zoom in and out and can be viewed at different angles depending on the position of your mobile device. Another distinguishing feature of the mobile trading platform is the Price Alerts feature. The 'price alerts' tab can be found in the menu panel, or alternatively, you can create your own from the watch list. Clients can swiftly react to market changes because they are always alerted to trading opportunities.

Important updates regarding account information can be found on the "Live Account Balances' Screen, where traders can view and manage their account data at any time of the day. Traders must stay updated on such vital information even when out of the office. The main advantages of the Broker Back Office mobile platform are:

Award-winning software. ETNA's consistent track record of delivering premium software solutions has not gone unnoticed. The company has earned awards and recognition from the Wall Street Journal and Barron's Magazine.

Ready-to-use white Label mobile trading terminals. Broker-dealers can easily promote their business identity while creating a cohesive look for clients.

Quick Marketing Process. The efficient mobile trading platform eliminates the lengthy processes involved in developing a mobile trading platform, such as hiring developers and purchasing and testing software. The terminal can be launched within a few days so that you can focus on your trading business.


Over the past 13 years, ETNA has worked with financial companies and FinTech developers, thus creating robust social trading platforms and Broker Back Office solutions. ETNA's APIs are designed explicitly for FinTech Developers to help startups work on the current technology components to move the business forward.

Strategic technical mentorship provides a helpful guide to help you navigate natural systems and regulations. By saving time and money, you can focus on business growth. ETNA has a team of the best developers with over 15 years of experience developing applications in various Fintech spheres such as Cryptocurrency, Robo advisors, Broker's back office, and digital payments, just to mention a few. The developers bring on board skills such as JavaScript, Test Automation, Java, PHP, Big Data, Cloud Systems,s and Business intelligence.

With over 200 successful projects in FinTech, ETNA is your perfect match when looking for a team of developers to boost the progress of your product or just looking for a partner to launch a product or service. ETNA provides technology solutions for broker-dealers, trading firms, and online trading institutions to help such businesses stay competitive in today's volatile economic atmosphere.

Fill out the form on the site and let our financial technology developers transform your idea into a milestone while offering other services, such as auditing the existing code. Try our sophisticated OMS with an API and Broker back office that has steadily gained recognition as an industry standard among digital advising firms and other investing platforms.


This online software is a valuable tool in the stock trading industry that has replaced traditional financial advisors. Robo-advisors automatically facilitate trades, thus allowing investment firms to focus on algorithms. ETNA Robo-advisor API and Broker back office can help build a diverse portfolio for you by placing orders across client profiles and aligning your portfolio according to your target allocation. A Robo-advisor will also perform the task of reconciling an account's information with the clearing broker.

Robo-advisors do most of the work regarding the trading infrastructure, such as trade-risk management, account balance monitoring, and account reconciliation. This makes it easier for an investor to focus on their product so that they can provide their clients with the best customer service experience and look for alternative ways to improve the user experience.

ETNA Robo-advisors features include:

  • Quick account monitoring options with real-time access to account balances, orders, and positions. 
  • Restful API employs intuitive technology with smooth and easy integration and is compatible with any programming language. 
  • Third-party apps that can be connected to any clearing firm
  • Multi-asset options such as Cryptocurrencies, Equities, mutual funds, and Forex. 
  • Simulated training that makes it possible for clients to try your app without risk. 

Streaming API where you can get real-time notifications on order execution status, market data, and position changes.

One of the most significant benefits of using ETNA Robo-advisor API is to avoid costly investment mistakes. Most investors usually depend on gut feelings when deciding on market highs and lows. The software does not make such errors. Robo-advisor software automates the whole process. Thus, there is reduced stress on the part of the investor.

ETNA offers expert developer advice and support along with modern trading software. A 24/7 support team is an invaluable resource for developers for implementation.


The trading industry has wholly revolutionized, and we now have a new generation of automated investors and traders. This calls for a new toolset, which is why mobile and cloud trading software is now recommended to get new clients. ETNA Trader is a hassle-free platform that eliminates the need to install or download software. It can be accessed from any device that has a web browser. It provides easy maintenance solutions for both the broker and the trading firm. ETNA's Broker Back office always uses the current security environment and has the most powerful mobile apps. B

ETNA's customizable technology is flexible to suit every broker dealer's specific requirement. It reduces the high IT costs that arise from traditional management methods so that the focus remains on the core business. A broker trader can use the software platform to stay competitive while at the same time enjoying the latest FinTech.

The various set of Trading APIs is a comprehensive technology with a scalable architecture that quickly adapts to any IT environment. The system is affordable with pay-as-you-pricing plans. Furthermore, we are open to discussing alternatives.

Data agnostic just got better with our array of reliable pre-integrated vendors. The software platform supports English and many other international languages, such as English, Japanese, Russian, and Chinese. Such easy localization makes it easier for traders to go global as they explore new markets. An investor is free to choose an execution venue and clearinghouse that suits their needs of feeling comfortable working with.

Automated Trading Operations dramatically cut costs and reduce the complexities associated with conventional trading methods. It simplifies trade through real-time monitoringTradingacking of the progress of each order through its lifecycle. Law and Execution Management System (OEMs) simplifies the work of FinTech firms and portfolio managers and offers multi-asset Trading functionality.


ETNA Trader online simulator lets you learn online Trading and learn investment. The online trading simulTradingfers seamless access to markets without downloading any software. You only need a web browser or mobile device to stream simulated charts and quotes. You can give your platform a face-uplift by integrating new content from any web page and standing out from the competition.

ETNA online trading simulator allows educators to quickly set up their own Trading school and enjoy the flexibility of training students wherever they are. Teachers can upload live streams of the best Trading strategies, Broker Back Office operations, set up chat rooms, integrate 3rd party apps, and monitor various activities.

Key features of the online Trading simulator include:

  • Customized email and texts alerts, including price and portfolio reports
  • Complex order types ranging from bracketed to contingent
  • Risk-free paper trading and free giveaways for Top Performers 

The online education program lets you configure trading rules with our modern technology, including real-time monitoring of your student's progress and success with a few mouse clicks.

Our mission is to help professionals in the Trading space enhance their existing products and hasten the launch of their new services. We are known as integrity keepers and provide transparent daily transactions. Our rational approach to the work environment, independent thinking, and problem-solving attitude earned us client trust.

The holistic broker-dealer application at ETNA Trader perfectly matches retail brokers, FinTech Farmers, and individual Traders. We present an excellent opportunity for you to learn and succeed in a career in software development, corporate operations, and product management.