If you are a shopping enthusiast and everything appeals to you, deciding what to can be a tough task for you. Developing smart shopping habits is a skill every shopaholic needs to master. With fall approaching, you must be looking forward to hitting the shopping window again.

Remember the times when fitness and fashion clothing meant only a pair of black and heart leggings and whatever T-shirt and sports bra you could dig out of a drawer? With new fitness and fashion trends emerging every season, refreshing your wardrobe every six months can make you lose a lot of bucks. Intelligent shopping offering an exclusive return on investment is the need of the hour. These pieces listed here have not only been trending for quite a while now but are also expected to stay in trend for the coming season. A complete value for money and intelligent investment, these pieces can be a perfect fit anywhere.

Here we bring for you, top 5 hot and exclusive pieces investing in which will never make you regret -


Incorporated into our lives as a part of uniform when we join a school, a white shirt is the only piece we keep wearing even after we stop going to school. Whether it is a formal office party or a casual night party, a white shirt worn with literally anything ranging from everyday denim to pencil skirt can turn you into a style diva. Fashion experts find shirts giving fierce competition to customised t-shirts. With fall approaching, you can even add a denim jacket to the scene and elevate the look quickly.


Fashion is not just about clothing. Accessories also define your style statement. They are the essential details needed to complete your look. The handbag is one of the essential accessories. With a purse, one can achieve the desired effect and impact. Whether to buy a neutral bag or the one matching with your dress depends on what kind of look you are trying to achieve. The overwhelming variety of kits available in the market can be very confusing. But investing in a high-quality handbag is always a good idea. Sunglasses are also must-haves, especially during summer. Available in a lot of variety, colours, and shapes, a pair of super cool sunglasses inspired by the stars of Instagram can make you stand out.


Corset dresses have been in great trend in the past and continue to rock the scene even today. A black corset dress cannot just give your body a great shape but also make you look classy and elegant. Available in many types ranging from casual party wear dresses to bridal corsets, corsets have been garnering a lot of attention. Even corset maxi and midi dresses have been making quite a rage now along with vintage corsets. They can make you look beautiful and fancy without any makeup on! Wearing an underbust corset over a loose oversized dress or shirt can give you a perfect look for the weekend chocolate and wine party. Moreover, along with wine you can serve Don Julio Tequila to your guests and add a flavour of handcrafted luxury to your menu.


Accessories and jewellery hold as much importance as clothing items if not more. Of late, the attention has shifted to accessories, and dainty necklaces are something garnering a lot of it. From chokers to pendants, the kind of necklace you invest in depends on your taste and the outfit you are thinking of pairing it with. Layered necklaces have also been quite popular of late. Necklaces and jewellery present the perfect opportunity to add a pinch of tribal, boho or any other prominent look without even wearing the attire. Wearing a boho jewellery piece with a corset dress can give you a boho-chic look without even carrying the actual loose boho dress! Wearing colourful statement necklaces is another cool option.


A pair of black boots can be the most rewarding fashion investment ever. The kind of versatility that it brings along is unbelievable. It can be paired with everything. Giving you that much needed chic look for your house or even office parties, the shoes can enhance your look manifold. Available in a large variety ranging from flat to over-the-knee, from ankle boots to pointed toe, something is available for everyone in the world of boots. Pairing boots with cosy sweaters, cape tops, corsets or even leather jackets can increase your number of outfit options exponentially.

Ditching the heels for a pair of flats can give you a much-needed change. Available in a large variety, flats can make you stand out in the crowd. Whether it is a pair of sneakers or white lace-up shoes, the comfort flats bring along is unparalleled. Moreover, they are easy to wear and practical for day-to-day activities. If you are someone who prefers sophistication to loud and gaudy looks, flats can be a rewarding investment for you.


Earrings are a part of the everyday look for women and it completes the stylish look. Choosing the right pair of earrings is a tough part for those who love earrings. The pair of earrings can perfectly complement your everyday attire. The earrings should be comfortable yet stylish at the same time.

Lastly, instead of buying a lot of tops or dresses, generating new outfit ideas out of the ones you have, mixing and matching them can be more economical and help you save those extra bucks for that new gadget you have been eyeing upon for long. Fashion is all about how you carry it or whether it suits your body type or not.

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