First up what is a traffic exchange: a traffic exchange is a website where you view other people’s sites. As a thank you, you get a hit back (or cash).

What is an auto surf: it is basically a traffic exchange on automatic no user involvement needed.

This is why I call both just a fluff for your blog

The manual version you basically sit there waiting for a page to load and wait for 10-20s to get your credit. It’s not worth it because you usually get marketer videos. Some traffic exchanges even have bad websites in their service (although most check ahead of time). It’s pointless since you are not really interested in a site but instead the viewing credit.

Auto surfers are worse since they do that automatically. As such no one is viewing your site but somewhat just fluffing your page views.

While you can add banners, and text links, and pay for hits, they’re not worth it. Most large ad networks (AdSense, AdBrite, etc.) DO NOT allow you to use traffic exchanges while their ads show since it’s fundamentally wrong impressions.

So pretty much keep clear of them…unless you want to waste your time or fluff your page views.

Traffic Exchange versus Bounce Rate 

A great many people utilise Traffic Exchange projects to expand their site visit rate. Movement Exchange programs offer both the Auto and Manual Surf choices with the planning of 3 to 60 seconds. An 'autosurf' program requires no human mediation to pivot the locales in the database and is utilised fundamentally to swell the aggregate number of site hits. This training is fairly dubious as it might skew the aftereffects of site prevalence. Individuals' principle explanation for joining a Traffic Exchange program is to elevate items and administrations to similarly invested advertisers. A factor which may contrarily impact the positioning is the Bounce Rate. If a site or blog has a high Bounce rate, then it will be viewed as that individuals are not intrigued by the content. The Bounce Rate is ascertained by the average price a guest remained on the website. So while the Traffic Exchange locales increment the site visit rate, then again they likewise increment the skip rate. 

AdSense on Traffic Exchanges 

Google prohibits utilising AdSense on Traffic Exchanges. Users who wish to publicise their sites on an active trade yet additionally have AdSense advertisements ought to make isolate pages for promoting in rush hour gridlock trades that don't have AdSense promotions.